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Update by user Oct 01, 2013

(Verizon not Verison....doesn't seem to be a way to edit my post.)

Update by user Oct 01, 2013

It has been over five years since I posted my original complaint. I've learned a lot about Tracfones over this time period.

My mother lives in a nursing home in a rural area. Neither Verison or Alltel work at her location. There are two cities located twenty miles on either side and if one purchases a Tracphone from a Walmart located in one of these two cities it will not work in her dead cell location BUT there is a Walmart in a small town eight miles from her and they sell a Tracphone made specifically for the area and it works great. Setup was flawless, minutes added was flawless.

She has had no problems with this phone and everyone lives happily thereafter. End of story......

Original review posted by user Jun 14, 2008

Tracfone contracts to various carriers to provide cellular service. When I purchased the phone for my parents I explained that Tracfone should not assign AT&T as the carrier because that carrier does not work in my area even if the computer shows that it does. The type phone purchased was a Motorola. Got the phone, they assigned AT&T and it didn’t work. They said it must be a defective phone because their computer shows that the carrier works in my area. (It’s important to note that my parents and I have the same zip code and live two miles apart.) They sent a second phone. Same brand, same carrier, same problem. After talking for hours to technicians with thick accents using my Verizon cell phone minutes I decided to take the next step and call the corporate headquarters in Miami.

I called Miami corporate headquarters and got a person who said that the Motorola phone purchased had old technology and that what was needed in this area was an updated digital phone so they sent me an LG with different capabilities. I insisted that they assign Verizon as the carrier since AT&T does not work in this locality. I got the phone and tested it before I gave it to my parents. I set up the voice mail and thought the problems were behind us. Everything was working fine.

A few days later I called my mother's Tracfone and the call went directly into her voice mail so I left a message. I called back later on their landline and made certain she had the phone turned on, which she did. I told her I would call her back on the Tracfone to test it out because something doesn't seem to be working correctly and to my surprise the phone was answered but it wasn’t my mother. It was a woman who was in a boat in the middle of a lake. She said she had a problem with the number Tracfone had assigned to her and so they gave her a new number which was my parent’s number. This disabled my parents new Tracfone! Once again I called Miami corporate headquarters. They deactivated the number of the “woman in the boat” and reactivated my parent’s phone. Problem solved? No! Now I could call in but they still could not call out. I called Miami headquarters back. They said this was very unusual and that there must have been a computer glitch. The technician went into the computer system and corrected the problem. Finally we have an operable phone!

I have documented 34 telephone conversations with Tracfone technicians, many of whom have such a thick accent I found it difficult to communicate. I’ve also spent a total of 430 airtime minutes from my own Verizon personal cell phone getting this resolved. So the bottom line is we now have a Tracfone that works but is it worth spending over seven hours talking with technicians to get these problems solved? You decide!

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Limas, Rhone-Alpes, France #723792

You are very patient---------- and dumb.

I would have given up long ago, dumped the phone, and got a Verizon phone if thats the carrier you want.

Its not complicated.....

Rock Hill, South Carolina, United States #694595

I am impressed that they were willing to work with you until the problem was solved. Their model of sending out phones will never be as responsive as walking into some phone store.

But that's what we tradeoff for such low rates and no contract.

My mother and I both have Tracfones with triple minutes and they have worked great.

Other relatives can't get their Verizon phones to connect here; we have no trouble. I'm paying about $10/mo for service.


I have had similar problem, both with understanding the support voices over the phone and needing to make repeated calls to get the problem fixed. Like you, apparently their computer says we have AT&T coverage, but we only actually get Verizon.

Tracfone should have reps that you can call & talk to about what phones to consider for your area.

Baroda, Michigan, United States #674178

I agree you must be crazy to buy a tracpone. They have a very poor run service department.

Absolutely worthless. I also spent many dollar of cell minutes on hold and when you do get a person they can not answer a simple question and they usually transfer you back to the hold pattern for another 20 minutes. Tried to use their email site and they are all brain dead. All they will do is refer you back to the 1-800 number to set on hold for ever.

:( The store I bought the phone (Meijers) refuse to return my money and said I had to work with Tracpone. Their coverage map is soo far off.

I had absolutely no service in my home. Just thru away $125


I have been a tracphone user for 15 years and have never had any problems making a connection. Even at the lodge in Montana the only cell phone in our group which worked were my tracphone and another ladies tracphone.


how do you get bonus minutes on your tracphone? When I purchased the LG phone in December, 2011 it came with a bonus minute booklet.

The problem is that everytime I tried to use them, I would always get a message that they (the bonus minutes had already been used!!) Therefore, since I've had this phone - no bonus minutes. What can tracfone do to rectify this situation?




I am a new Tracfone customer. No problems so far.

Everything works fine. There are millions more like me.


let us not talk about accents mostly because everyone of us has an accent what you need to is pay more attention with your ears when the persons are talking to you with thick or light accents most human ear listen to 10 percent of the words said by some one else so pay more attention of what are your hearing from a persons with an accents. as far the tracfone I had it for 3 year without a problem Am I lucky? or what.

to Fernie #617489

Screw those dot heads.

to Fernie Meschede, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #723796

Thick Accents indicated foreigner as in someone who cant understand you, and you cant understand them.

Its important if you ever need service.


Trakphone sucks ! Buy it at 'ur own risk. Call your state AG for advise on what to do.


i agree they need people we can understand with out the foreign accent maybe things would not take so long and get done properly. everyone should start complaining to all these places who hire these people for PHONE CONVERSATIONS and hang up when they call or ask to speak to American persons when we get them when we call....eventually they will get the picture!


Trac phone sucks, I won't be having it any longer as soon as our mins run out. We only got it because we live in an area where there is no cell service.

We only use it when we are out of this area. We have had nothing but problems with this phone trying to get Mins. It is the hardest thing that I have ever done. Can't understand anyone that I talk to so have to insist I talk to someone who speaks english.

I was told last year that our phone was out of date so had to buy another. Still having problems with this one. Tried to buy more min last week and spent over two hours on the phone so I had them put a supervisor on and he got it done but not without more problems. When done I still didn't have the min that I bought so had to call again.

I yelled and screamed but didn't do any good so we are done with this BS.

he FCC needs to nip this in the bud.Not a happy camper and still pissed. :x :upset WTH :?


My daughter had a net10 phone (a division of tracfone). She turned the phone off while in a play - when she turned it back on it had 0 minutes 0 time.

It had 440 minutes and 2 months before she turned it off.

This is the second time this has happened.

Last time it happened at the airport when I was waiting for a call to come and pick her up. This also happened to her cousin with the same phone.


If you don't have any sort of technical problem, tracfone works fine. I have had one for five years and until this year, no problems at all.

Verizon put up a tower near our hunting camp and my Motorola phone could not access it, so I called their technical support and was told that I needed a new phone with CDMA technology which is what Verizon uses. They sent me an LG phone, but surprise, it was not CDMA technology and does not work. After two hours on the phone with heavily accented support (NOT!) persons I finally gave up and phoned tracfone headquarters in Florida.

A nice English speaking person solved my problem in five minutes by shipping me a new phone that is CDMA technology and will work on Verizon towers. Don't waste your time on their 800 tech support number.


Can't complain for $100 a year and the Motorola phone is 5+ years old now. Only problem was opening my voice mail periodically--for some reason, had to re-enter my access code.

Also showed 1 message in voice mail, when there was none. Oh, well, I really only use it for a phone backup and traveling. I am near a cell tower in the boonies where I live in N. Michigan, so phone works great; worked great in the wilds of Montana where nobody lived, too.

Have a second one, Samsung, just got for $10 at Walmart, only problem is a bit of a voice transmission delay when I start to speak, so I have to start off slowly. I really only have them for emergencies and traveling, so these work great for my purposes.

BTW, I would be very eager to buy from, and deal with, an American company. Will it ever happen?


I've had a Tracfone for many years. I buy one $100 card per year, and it does all I need it to do.

That's less than $9/month! It was a hassle when I first got it, in the "olden days" when I was using a land-line to renew every month. But renewing online once a year is super easy.

Haven't had to call them about anything in years - the online instructions have been enough. :)


I called tracfone about a small issue I was having with my phone. and after talking to a customer rep about purchasing a 1000 min card .

I asked if there was a time limit for scratching off the number until X-mas. The person at tracfone remarked " stop talking about that ugly holiday..... allah is the only ruler of this world. after a small exchange in words >>> tracfone cancelled MY phone service which had just over 2,119 mins...

this is not a joke. FCC here I come.


I have to agree about their lack of customer service, in fact, there is none. It's all push this, push that, like a 10-month old child would do on a toy.

It's insulting, but worse, they keep sending text messages advertising their specials without a modicum of knowledge about the phone cards we already own, and they keep sending them until it will drive you nuts.

It is not a well run company at all, and as stated, it's an insult.

Frankly, we've never yet found a human other than a recording on there system. :(

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