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Purchased wrong service by mistake. Tracfone refuses to exchange.

I am writing this during my hold time with Tracfone. I am already well into a 20 minute wait for my 5th customer service supervisor. I purchased what I thought were minutes from our local convenience store as I usually do. Not until after I authorized purchase with my debit card did I realize the clerk rang up the wrong item.

Instead of purchasing 200 minutes, I paid for a double minute card, costing $49.99. Still believing I had purchased minutes, I made several attempts to plug in the pin # to add airtime, but was told the # was invalid. Since my phone is already triple minutes, I neither need a double minute card, nor can it be installed on my phone.I checked the receipt (the transaction does not come on a card, but is printed on a register receipt). The receipt says "Double Min $49.99".

I went back to the store and was told that once a Tracfone purchase is made, no changes, exchanges or refunds can be made. All must go through Tracfone. I called Tracfone and 1st spoke with a girl in Belize. I gave her and 3 successive supervisors the pin # for the purchase (the 2nd one, Tyrell in Belize told me there was no supervsor in Tracfone that could assist me), offered to scan and email my receipt, and requested that they convert my $49.99 payment into the corresponding value of minutes.

I even went back to the store after being shut down by Tyrell, and there were no buttons he could push to make any refund or exchange for me. When I went back to the store and was unable to get compensation, I actually had to PURCHASE more minutes-$19.99 just to retrieve messages and be able to use my Tracfone. So at this point, I'm $70.00 (49.99 + 19.99) down, with only 60 minutes to show for it. In my 3rd and 4th attempts with customer service representatives to get my purchase exchanged for minutes of the same value, I was given the same response: "As a one time courtesy", I would be given $19.99 worth-60 minutes.

My 4th customer service rep verified that 200 minutes cost $39.99, but for my $49.99, she could only give me 60 minutes, along with a certain number of extra service days. Given that I have 6,2 years worth of service left, extra is meaningless to me. The reason I have so many service days left is because I have used Tracfone for years and am a very loyal customer. After 1:18 minutes of this (on my second day of trying), I had to take my daughter to the doctor.

I had been on hold approx the last 30 minutes of the call waiting for another supervisor. Tracfone reps: 1- rejected my offer to send receipt, saying that what I was telling them about the amount I paid (on receipt) was untrue; 2-repeatedly rejected my request to exchange the useless double minute card for corresponding amount of minutes; .3-verified that 200 minutes cost $39.95, but only offered me 60 minutes for my $49.95; 4-ignored that I have been a loyal customer for as many years as it takes to accumulate over 6 years of service days (I would guess it has been approx. 7 years); 5-would rather I dispute the $50 payment, risking the loss of that revenue, even though adding minutes to my phone would cost them nothing, even if I had NOT paid for them; 6-would rather lose me as a customer, and all the revenues from my future purchases, which would be in the hundreds and more $s; and 7-would rather I tell people of my experience, which is giving a business $50 with the only service provided is to be called a liar). The only reason I have pursued the issue through 4 representatives before being shot out into eternal hold is that I dread going out to find another phone service.

None of the representatives were native English speakers, and I couldn't help but think they had no idea what I was talking about. One told me that my log said a previous rep had offered to compensate, but I rejected the offer.

Now, I must call the debit card company to start my dispute. I would recommend only using credit cards when dealing with Tracfone, because if you have a problem, resolution is not an assumption you can make.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $50. This person is overall dissatisfied with Tracfone. The most disappointing about tracfone phone service at Tracfone was trying to add minutes to my phone, poor customer service and service while trying add minutes Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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