i bought my second cell phone from the trac phone service i use. the first worked great and it was a lg phone.

the new one worked on and off.

decided to use the new phone only and was on the phone with trac phone for over 3 hours only to be told that the new phone had a sim card and they don't work in my area, i am a mile form a cell phone tower!!!needless to say, i am done with trac phone as they should not have these for sale in this area if they know they don't work, and am done with lg phones as well. take heed on your next purchase and cell phone company!!!!!!

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@ JoeaN:

You might want to learn a little about cell phones before you say anything.

They DO NOT all have sim cards. Have you ever heard of CDMA phones? CDMA phones DO NOT use sim cards and usually run on Sprint or Verizon networks.



They told me the same thing and sent a new sim card. Same problem i was on the phone with them for...

get this....3 hours. Now my phone works worse then before.

Now I can't even use it where I used to be able to.They told me I hav eto get a phone withpout a sim card. Well they all have sim cards Duh....

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