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My wife and I have been trying for months and hours, by phone and online, first to get her phone reactivated and then after my phone was deactivated despite my having enrolled in an automatic renewal program that was supposed to prevent lapses.

I finally just bought new airtime for my phone, giving me 1535.9 minutes to expire in Oct. 2012, far more minutes than I will use.

After my last phone conversation with a tech lasted about a half-hour and prompted me to hang up before resorting to a stream of profanity, I tried again to buy airtime for my wife's phone online. After lots of effort, I finally got a "code accepted" message and proceeded to follow the instructions. Eventually I got instructions to turn the phone off and then back on again and wait at least five minutes. That was more than an hour ago. My wife's airtime is still past due and not working a half hour later. Alas a minute ago it started working. Hallelujah.

I suggest not phoning customer service and just muddling through online.

Apparently our two phones are somehow on different accounts and Traffone can't tell me a user name and or password for my wife's phone. Perhaps someday I will try again, but now I am exhausted.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #208369

Am old (73 yrs)lady who has had tracfone almost 5 yrs--deceided to buy new one as old one falling apart. Fine so far, then tried to transfer min on old phone to son who lost job--spent THREE HOURS OVER TWO DAYS -- sent e-mail--not getting anywhere--now old phone says security code needed--have no idea what the heck they mean--the cust svc people in Manila might speak English but not the kind I understand. Will try & send reg ltr to address found on this site--tks for that.

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