I recently purchased a tracphone at Wal-Mart. It was a cheap phone with double minutes for life of the phone.

It was easily activated within a few minutes and minutes were automatically doubled like they said. Haven't tried adding additional minutes though. The phone was only about thirty bucks and so far we have had good tone and quality service with the phone. We feel that the text messages are reasonable.

I have read reviews in the past with consumers who had a problem with the double minute issues.

Maybe I just got lucky on this purchase but with the double minutes it is a pretty decent phone.

Review about: Tracfone Phone Service.

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We've had a trac phone LG 3280 for a few years. This year we took it (from Iowa) on vacation and half way to Tx.

it stopped working. We bought another down there and used it. On the way back to Iowa the new one stopped working "34 restriction"! Then the old one started working again.

What's the deal? We don't want one phone for Texas and another one for Iowa!!



My father also has a Tracfone with double minutes for life. He has never had a problem. The minutes double as promised each and every time.

My Sister-In-Law commented this weekend that his phone was better quality than hers from ATT!

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