I spent over 2 and a half hours on the phone with 7 different Tracfone techs trying to make my Tracfone work. The only think accomplished was we managed to put the 120 minutes I bought on to the phone.

I finally gave up and verbally beat a path to a manager to try and just get my $30 back for the minutes on the broken phone. I must have told the same information to 7 different people by the time I got to the biggest *** of all: Sergio, the manager of call center in Guatemala city, Guatemala in South America. After determining I bough the phone card 6 days ago in Wal-Mart said I had to send in a copy of the original receipt! Tracfone, I have it and I will send in a copy, say tuned!

The irony is that the phone card was for 120 minutes and that is almost to the minute the time I spent on the phone trying to get the *** thing to work and then trying to get a refund. Hate Tracfone!!!

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Guatemala is in central america LOSER!!! hahahha, and if you dont haver enough money to buy better phones and service just dont complaint :) muah!!!


Tracfone's customer service is an abysmal failure. I have no idea where the service representatives that I spoke with were based but rest assured that those clowns were not in America.

To add insult to injury, that outfit has been annoying me with email promos and text messages after having been requested not to!

Now the gloves are off and I'm advising anyone considering a Tracfone product to flee for his life! Their customer relations are the worst of any that I've encountered in my 70 years on this planet.

I'll be looking for a reputable company to deal with in the future.

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