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I have a tracfone, have been a customer for over 2 yrs. but when my phone quit working 2 days ago I called in to customer service and was on the phone for over 3 hours and talked to 7 different people trying to get my

phone working and talked 2 supervisors plus wasted over 10 mins.

of air time trying to get results. they were rude and would not help, nor would they give back my wasted air time. i will never use their service again and ask everyone that reads this to do the same. Or their service will just get worse.

This country is in trouble because companies like this send our jobs over seas.

Something has to be done now, take a stand for America. NOW!!!!!

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@Rebel 1: Sorry to hear about your problem. Please send e-mail to SuperCSR Elston: for assistance with your TracFone issues.


Doubled minutes are not transferable. Read the terms and conditions oon the TracFone website.


I purchased a tracfone in 1997 and it came with life time double min, and extra 90 day service every time i added min. Then I called to transfer my old tracfone to another i had laying around they stated it would take 72 hrs to take effect, well that went by so i called again and after talking with an incompetent employee for over 1 hr I finely got it transferred over to the newer phone mean while i asked sever times if every thing would transfer over including my mins, sevice date and double min, Well guess what nothing transferred over so i called back again and after another hour on the phone i got the date the service ends, and the mins transferred over.

Then when i went and bought more time i did not get double the min. I called back again and spent another hr on the phone and was told even thought their employee told me several times that it would there is nothing they can do about it i would have to go and buy the double min card to get it again.

I have also emailed corporate office and still have got nowhere. My advice is if you have problems call the better business bureau and the attorney general in the state of their corporate office>

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