Tracfone is just another business that is milking money from the public with a service that stinks and uses conversion and trickery to obtain money from unwitting customers. They call your house with offers that they will not honor.

DO NOT BUY TRACFONE. When you think of buying a service go to Google and search the complaint files on the company you are considering. Most companies are dishonest and are legally stealing from the public with trickery and conversion. Their service department is non-existant.

Why can't any of the companies today be honest. They would reap the benefits for being the only one out there that is telling the truth about their product and services.

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Tracfone is just another scam... when you have problems with their product which you PAID FOR they charge you minutes to correct the problem, which can take forever talking to someone in India.

Purchased minutes via the web but then got a message saying to call them back twenty-five minutes later arranged putting in three codes = 18+ numbers per code to get what I paid for. What horse ****.


:( that *** suck ***


:cry Tracfone completely and totally stinks on ice. For anyone who is thinking of using their service-DO NOT!

2x I have purchased airtime that was not credited. the first time was using my credit card and today was using a card I purchased @a Walgreen's.

The pin number associated w-the phone card I purchased was invalid and after 2 hours on the phone with Tracfone, they absolutely would not honor the pin code. AND the best-they do not honor their commitment to the stores you purchase their cards from and the cards are completely non-refundable.


I've been a Tracfone user for many years, and except for the occasional inept tech, the service is exceptional. There are great deals on phones with double minutes for life, and I usually have tons more than I use, generally. Yes, I think the competition is worried!


I wonder if the people posting all the negative reviews of tracfone have actually used it or if they are just shills being payed by the competition who is worried.

I'd recommend redoing the math.

Unless you are talking/texting all the time, it is way cheaper to run a tracfone than any other service. All those minutes you don't use at the end of the month with other carriers? You still pay the same amount. If you divide your monthly payment by the number of minutes you use, you'll see how much your cost per minute is for actual usage.

With Verizon, I pay 35 cents a minute for my actual usage. Tracfone with DMFL will get you about 10 cents a minute.

I think tracfone is a great value. And remember - they don't have a network. They just sell phones and service. they run on either ATT or Verizon depending on your area. If you don't like the coverage, definitely don't switch to one of those big carriers because it will be the same network!

Here's how you do the math: Take your last cell phone bill. Take the total $$ amount, and divide it by the total minutes used (every minute, including mobile to mobile). That gives you your dollars per minute.

I calculated mine, and tracfone is WAY cheaper than my Verizon for the same usage.


I AGREE. If every ripped off customer of Tracfone pitched in a buck, we could open up our own phone service, and wipe the fraud right out of them!

Nobody needs this garbage. Until something honest is offered, these complaints will grow and grow while Tracfone sits back and laughs drinking their martini.

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