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Tracfone. The word is synonymous with ***...and fraud...and theft.

I bought a Tracfone for my wife from our local Wal Mart in July. Everything was fine, she burned through her first card fairly quickly, so I bought her a 900 minute, double minutes for life card. Fine.

I bought her another card just to really extend the time out and give her more minutes...I activated the card through the website and everything was fine. That was on Aug 30.

She continued using the phone with no problem, then on OCTOBER 8th, the phone suddenly stopped working. I called the customer service and was told that we were supposed to add minutes by Aug 31. That was when our phone was deactivated.

I said that was impossible because we have been using the phone since then.

They then changed their story and said that on Aug 31, someone transferred minutes from my phone to their phone.

THEY STOLE MY MINUTES. I asked how this was possible, and wasn't it strange that it happened the day after I added minutes? They said that they had the correct first and last name and zipcode...and that MY name and zipcode were incorrect. And that there was NO FRAUD and they couldn't do anything.

They then said that I could regain use of my phone by purchasing and adding minutes.

SCAM! They freaking changed their story, told me that the impossible happened (that MY name wasn't the correct name on MY account), but to fix everything, simply drop more money into the company.


Buy at own risk.

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You are correct in that my phone says it will be active until Feb of 2011. It even says I have minutes available on the phone. But the inane customer service and managers at Tracfone say that my minutes were given to someone else.

I have never given my serial number or anything of the like to anyone. There would be no reason to. My issue is when I have been using the phone for two months AFTER the alleged "transferring" of my minutes to someone else's phone. Then suddenly my phone stops working and I am told that it hasn't been working because of the minutes transfer two months ago. BUT I HAD BEEN USING IT!

It is ridiculous. I am talking about the theft of my minutes and I doubt that there was someone out there that magically got my number (it would have to be magic because I never gave it out). I think that Tracfone is a scam and am not afraid to tell people looking at them in Wal-Mart or werever they are sold to go with another company.


Even if your minutes had been stolen, if you had bought 2 cards since July, your phone would still be active until Dec. whether it had minutes or not. The only way someone could have stole your minutes is if they have your esn #.

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