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Update by user Oct 12, 2017

Tracfone did finally make good by restoring the minutes lost. It was a lot of work but corporations need to be held accountable....

Update by user Jul 18, 2017

Tracfone keeps sending me back to customer phone service or chat. All they can do is claim I had only 390 minutes of service on my old phone when I absolutely positively had 8400.4 minutes credit which I bought with hard earned money.

Meantime I've sent Tracfone a certified letter requesting my minutes restored to the "final resolution department" [does that sound ominous].

Also i have filed complaints with the state AG office and the FCC. I guess maybe we will see if there is anybody actually protecting the little guy from giant corporations or not.

Original review posted by user Jul 16, 2017

I've been a happy tracfone customer for many years and had 8400.40 minutes of credit on my phone plus 268 days service time. My old phone had a dicey charging port so i bought a new one and went to activate it with my old number via the tracfone website.

Part way through the process I get a message that they have no record on my account of my minutes and i will have to use the customer service phone number. Well everything is fine except they will only transfer 369 minutes of time I had paid hard earned money for over the years. That's 4% of what i owned. Even a small fraction of the 100 minutes I bought 2.5 months ago.

And make no mistake about it those are minutes I owned and now they have been stolen! Repeated calls to customer service have given me no satisfaction whatsoever. No one will even make any effort to explain whatsoever. Meantime i am researching ways to get some satisfaction via consumer protection laws.

I will not let up until I see some results or exhaust all avenues. As far as a business plan how can this be good for a corporation to alienate customers i do not know.

Perhaps it is just incompetence or maybe some employees have figured out some way to profit by hiding customer's minutes? Who knows but this is the worst ripping off I have ever experienced from any company I have done business with in 66 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tracfone Cell Phone Activation.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: Great value when they deliver as promised, Price, Good service for years.

I didn't like: Poor quality and difficult customer service.

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Good news . Tracfone finally made good on all the minutes I was owed.

They credited 8400 minutes to my new phone.

Fair to say all the time i spent with customer service was just a learning experience, it seems that my complaint to the FCC was what got results.

The big lesson for me is that the thin line of federal government agencies is what stands between the little guy and being overpowered by giant corporations.

Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #1355886

I got a lot of polite questions and email conversations from the tracfone mail link but at the end of the day no real results or answers. More wasted time.

Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #1353448

I got one more bit of info from the last tracfone exchange. When you buy and activate a new phone promotional minutes [like the doubled minutes feature] cannot be transferred.

That sure was news to me. I've bought many tracfones over the last decade and they have always transferred all my minutes over. Seems to me like that would translate to reasonable expectation for all your airtime even if the small print exists and is legal.

390 minutes plus the offer of 300 minutes would still be less than 8% of what was on my account anyway, does anyone really think all the other time was promotional? In all my previous talk with techs no one ever mentioned this, it only came up after they looked into my old phone which clearly shows over 8000 minutes airtime.

It puzzles me to try to figure why tracfone is handling this matter so strangely. I strongly feel I have been treated way worse than poorly, that's bad business for the long term.

After being self employed for 40 years perhaps my perspective of how you treat people is way out of sync with the corporate mindset.

If all this is legal than about that's left for us little people is to surrender what ever we have to big business and crawl off and die. Preferably to a remote area to be pecked apart by honest scavengers like coyotes and vultures.

Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #1353259

The latest...

I followed up on the email address that Alex from tracfone provided.

Today I spent a number of emails with a couple people at the tracfone address. It seemed like they were sincere in trying to help but at the end of the exchange they said that after looking at all of it the deciding department would only offer me 300 minutes. Meantime my old phone still shows 8300 minutes credit which I figure is about what is owed. So I kindly refused and said I would pursue other avenues.

Several of them in fact.

The interesting thing is that all the many efforts with tracfone support before today has not resulted in any offers of compensation.

So perhaps pissedconsumer deserves a pat on the back.

Anyway, to be continued..... I'll try to update my struggles as they unfold.


Hi. I'm Alex from TracFone Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to

to AlexTrac Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #1352385

For what ever reason I copy and paste that address given to an email and my mail says that the address isn't formatted properly.

to jbgo #1352409

Hi, jbgo. The email address ( is valid. If you copy and paste the email address, please remove the period next to the word "com" to format properly.

to AlexTrac Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #1352420

Thank you!

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