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I bought 2 LG420G tracfones at local Radio Shack on jan 22nd 2011, we had our phone numbers and minutes transferred to new phones ( they did it for us at radio shack ) got home and no browser service, says Check Data restrictions 36 we bought both our old phones and new phones in our local area and the time on old phones were bought in local area plus the 60 mins radio shack said we had to buy to get phones activated even tho both phones had mins.i have emailed, called tracfone since the 22nd and still hasn't been fixed both phones say roam even tho we haven;t been out of our area also can't buy ringtones for them.

this is the first time we have ever had a problem in the past 5 or 6 years we have done business with tracfone but if we can't get resolved after our mins are used up .We will go elsewhere for cell phone service.We are very disstisfied with them now.

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Everythign about Trafone sucks,no matter what area code you use, or what phone you use.(at least in my area(WI).I have contacted the BBB about them so many times.


I just purchased a NEW one a week ago. The phone discharges much too fast and the dimmer light remains on after the alarm goes off. Maybe a problem with the phone in general.


BTW - the GSM set was a LG420G


In the area I live and drive around in, the towers are GSM.But TRacFone will only sell a CDMA phone in this area (because of a deal with Verizon in my state, even though they don't have rural towers here).

With a CDMA phone (in this case a Nokia), the calls won't go through. The only way to fix this was to order it for aNOTHER area ode (in this case Seattle) and have it sent here.

Now calls will go through on my local towers but because the phone always roams, now the browser is blocked and the ringtones.There's no winning with TracFone until they quit dealing with Verizon's proprietary rules.


I bought a reconditioned LG420G in January 2011 and by this month I was sending it back to Tracfone with a replacement in hand when I did so.My problem is this....

The 1st LG420G was returned because I was experiencing technical problems with the "dimmer light (different than the backlight) would sometimes stay on whenever I would set the alarm to go off then within 2 weeks the phone froze on the "Service Due By" screen, so Tracfone sent me a replacement.

It's only been 9 days since I got the phone on August 15, 2011 and this phone is having the same problem that the first one had with the light sometimes not dimming out. Has anyone else had this problem with this phone when they have purchased it in "reconditioned" condition?

I don't understand why it is happening with both phones.One I can ub=nderstand but both of them?


ya i have the problem with trying to recieve pic messages :(

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