I have no complaints about my tracfone. I love my

my phone I get my double minutes when I'm suppose to,

I bought my phone 3 years ago it's the same one.I never had problems with anyone in customer service. I let everyone know how much I love my tracfone

I bought my grandkids tracfones and they don't have problems either.

I don't have dropped calls like my husband he has a metro pcs and he always have dropped calls. Tracfone is good for me because I don't talk a lot on the phone. The minutes are perfect for me.

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My wife and I are retired scientists who used to have Verizon cell phones at $70 per month. We switched to TracFones value plan and now pay $16 a month.

We use the phones sparingly and the minutes keep building as they roll over each month. We have basic Motorola Razars, have had no problems with them, and no problems with making calls from where ever we travel. On a couple of occasions, due to our failure to keep the phones on when minutes were to be delivered, we have had to contact support for assistance. In both cases, assistance was technically sound, efficient and courteous.

I leave this information, not to undermine others who are having difficulties, but to bring some balance to the input on this site. We have been very satisfied customers for over two years.


I would have agreed with the praises of Tracfone until Jan. 2, 2010.

I was a pleased customer for more than five and one half years.

When I attempted to redeem a one year 400 minute card on 1/2/2010, I had to talk to three "customer service" people who barely speak or understand English to get the 400 minutes added to my phone. After that exasperating 35 minutes I asked why the double minutes on my account was not added to the 400 minutes.

Ten days and eight phone calls later, which I always have to make because they do not call back as they promise to do, the song and dance is they are so sorry they cannot help because their records do not show my having a double minute card -- their records do not show my ever having redeemed any refill cards -- ever -- five and a half years of phone service with them and they have no record except that I bought and activated the phone five and a half years ago and it still has the same original phone number -- "and we thank you for being a loyal, long-term Tracphone customer". Yah, right, GUESS AGAIN!!!


Four years and not one problem, no I don't work for Tracfone. Used customer service several times with no problems.


i have had a tracfone for 10 yrs and have never had a problem at all. as a matter of fact my sister has att and i can call from places that she has no signal at all :)


I have had no problem with my Tracfone. I am very satisfied.


I have had my tracfone for about 8 years and i love it i never get a drop call and it works everywere i love it !


I am satisfied with my Tracfone.

I never had any problems adding minutes. I add them through the tracfone website which for me is the least complicated way to do it.

I haven't felt no need to contact Customer service yet. Thank God.

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