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Well, I have to agree with almost everyone here. Tracfone has terrible customer service, outsourced to other countries, mine were to the Phillipines.

I bought a tracfone, it worked for less than 2 weeks, and I only made one call in that time. The phone died, and I have now had 3 phones that don't work. After speaking to a "supervisor" and being assured that I would get another phone, and NOT the Motorola V170, and being told it would be overnight expressed to me, all I got was a new battery, 5 days later. I'm complaining everywhere.

I hope someone reads this, and it stops them from buying a tracfone. I've contacted a lawyer now, and the BBB, the Attorney Generals Office, here in my state, and in the state of Florida, where they are located. I have also contacted the Secretary of State, here in my state, and they're state. We'll see what happens, but I'm sure I'm out my $120.00 that I spent for minutes, and the phone.

We'll see.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tracfone Phone Service.

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I get a tracfone and daid money I it and

did not use it when I do it told I don't

have no time on it than is a joke.

Craigmont, Idaho, United States #23845

You probably are, sorry for your problems but I'm guessing a lawyer is going to cost you alot more than your card investment and probably not do anything but take more of your money. Again I'm sorry for your issues but I love my tacfone.

I'm a light user and dumped AT&T after paying for a monthly plan I rarely used. I'm saving so much now and I'm still on the same network because Trac uses AT&T in GSM areas.

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