I called today to get a new phone as my old phone (only 6 months old) had problems holding a charge. I got a phone and called two times to get my old number changed to my new phone and my minutes transferred.

It didn't work, and I went to get yet another Tracfone. So I called back and asked for a manager. I got a lady who was rude and just got mad and transferred the call to tech support. Great, the girl at tech support tried to help, but she lost vital info: she deleted all my previous minutes and time (the time the phone stays active) by accident and then acted as if it wasn't a matter that I had only two months, when before I'd had 15 months of active service!

She did manage to transfer my minutes but told me her manager said to delete the number of months I had available! So from 2010 I'm back to 2008, at the end of the summer.

I was soooo angry! I think she did that deliberately because she knew she would never get in trouble for it.

Screw Tracfone, if it wasn't a present from my dad and a number I wish to keep I'd take it back and get my money back.

As it is, I may call the tech dept of the store that I purchased it from and have them cancel it.

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