Chappaqua, New York
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If anything goes wrong with your phone you are screwed. Customer service is beyond horrible.

Expect your call to take minimum 1.5 hours and that your issue not be resolved. Expect to have to call back several times before your issue is resolved...if it ever is. The people they hire are idiots. If they don't understand your issue they keep repeating the same answer over and over again.

You spend more time on hold then talking to these people. Asking for a supervisor is useless, they are just as ***. This could be such an awesome company if they could just hire people with high school degrees and get some better organization in their customer service. I am a very even tempered person and am very polite people even customer service representative.

But these guys pushed me over the edge! I would have canceled my service but I just bought the 200$ card that I have barely used and apparently they is absolutely no way to get a refund...thanks Tracfone!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I spent 3 hours with the basters at tracfone costemer service. I transfered my number to a new phone and it dident work.

After hours of retarded guys with now knowlige of anything. (they told me to turn on and off my phone and i counted 5 times 4 with the same person.

they sent me a piece o sh*t phone worth 30 dollars less then the phone i had and IT DIDENT WORK! F**K TRACEFONE IN THE FACE :(


did my comment even go in?


i hate tracfone you want issues resolved well then you better speak erdu or pashtu cuz thats what youre gonna get i tried to clear up an issue today and the one i spoke to was from india!!!



Your experience is absolutely representative of the Tracphone Company. Best shot I found was calling corporate until they assign an agent to resolve the issue.. Yes the issues of language, understanding are still there, but I found it as frustrating to keep relating the same info to every individual. It only took me 3 months to finally get resolution, but probably a hundred hours of actual on hold time. Once I did get to Corporate and a supervisor there, I was assigned one person and had an extention to call in when I needed to... He finally got tired of me I suppose and eventually did get it done.

I wish you well in getting any resolution... Call corporate and start with a supervisor.... It took me too long to actually get there, but that started it going... Service wise I have no complaint... Customer service wise, I have nothing but complaints.. Once things work... I;ve not had to call back once.. THANK GOD!!!

Good luck

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