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I have had Tracfone for two years and have had little problems until now. I bought a new phone for my wife and I and have had nothing but problems.

It has been seven days several phone calls to people that I can hardly understand let alone try to resolve a problem I have with my phone. I have found that they all lie and are completely incompitent which must be a requirement for them to get a job at Tracfone.

They told me that the reason that it was taking so long to get my phone working was because I requested that my old number be transfered to my new phone.

With each phone call which last up to one hour each I am told a new lie. I would never recommend Tracfone to anyone.

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I know the feeling. My old phone broke in 12/2008.

The minutes did not transfer appropriately to the new phone so we called TracFone. They transferred the minutes and told me my double minutes for life would also transfer. I purchased 200 minutes for $39.99 last night only to find out that they didn't double and they said I would have to buy another double minutes for life card as it was nontransferrable to the new phone.

This company is nothing, but a rip-off. Had I known this, I would have saved $40.00 and went somewhere else for a different plan.


The tracfone said I would be charged double minutes when roaming. That is not true, I can not call when roaming.

Tracfone said I could call outside the city limits.

That is not true, I can not call outside the city limits. I can recieve call from anyplace from anywhere but can not call.

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