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What horrible service!!!! Tracfone employs tactics to discourage you from obtaining what is rightful due all customers. Discouraging you so you will give up trying to get what is rightfully yours. You are entitled to your call logs, especially when their tracphone is defective and does not retain the date, thereby not giving you accurate dates and times of calls.

THEY WILL SURELY TAKE YOUR MONEY BY INTERNET OR PHONE, they do have ALL your personal information, SSN, DOB, mothers maiden name, password, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, credit card information, but when you want and need information, WHICH IS ENTITLED TO YOU, they put you thru ***, i.e., write a letter, get it NOTARIZED, Get a Photocopy of the backside of the phone, with about six other items, then snail mail it to them, just to obtain what is rightfully due to you, and of which they certainly have information to confirm who you really are. Then they further delay you from obtaining the information at an absurd 6 weeks when it is on their computer right at their fingertips to send to you at the time of call.

Nothing but discouraging tactics to sway you away from requesting they do this simple little job at their expense. THIS EXPENSE IS INCLUDED IN THE COST OF YOUR SERVICE AND PHONE. What a bunch of selfish, thoughtless, heartless, and ungrateful crooks, who could really care less about keeping customers happy as long as they have your money already, what do they care. Certainly lost my future business, and hope this teaches others, but remind them to read others complaints on other inappropriate actions. I use this phone very little to experience what I see others experiencing.

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I've had nothing but bad service, bad reception since I got my Tracfone. The only reason I hung onto it was the cheap factor. But you get what you pay for.

Things finally came to a head when I was in a car accident and unable to call for help because the service coverage in my area is so terrible. Luckily a good samaritan helped me call family for support.

I've also noticed that my minutes were being deducted at a very accelerated rate compared to a year ago. I really think they are ripping most people off. I started tracking my calls and web access. The deduct rate is supposed to be 1 unit per minute. They have been deducting at 3 units per minute of actual use. And I am not in roam mode. That was the final straw.

I have since switched to Verizon pay as you go plan (25 cents per minute). Much better call quality and getting what I am actually paying for.


I have had Tracfone for over 2 years, service has been fine in my area.

I have no need for a call log, data plans, etc... I use it as a phone, and dont want a lengthy phone bill explaining this that and the other things!


I just discovered the same Tracfone *** after going through 800 minutes in 5 months on a phone that I rarely use. Not only do they have any call logs on the phone or the website, they expect you send a notarized letter and all this other nonsense!

The reason? I can only conclude they want to discourage users from monitoring their usage.

And why would that be important? I'll let you draw your own conclusions.


I think Booger is right. U should get a new phone company.

Only difference from Buger, U will not get what u paid for with Tracfone. Turn them in, leave, do not pay any more $s.


Missed your post Boogers. You are PARTIALLY correct, there is a lot of terrible customer service out there.

But, I paid for the service I am denied. It is my right to get a log of my telephone calls!

It is wrong for Tracfone to make you jump through hoops and months to get it. Again, it's amazing they will take money from you in seconds over the Internet, requiring all your personal information to do so, but will not give you what belongs to you, what you paid for in the same fashion.


I forgot to add. In response to the ad placed below, TIME is MONEY.

How much does it cost one for their time spent trying to obtain rightful service from this company?

I know I spent hours and got absolutely nowhere but the sound of a bunch of cackling witches who seem to enjoy denying proper customer service. You don\'t save with Tracfone, you only bring unsolvable problems upon yourself.


:) You get what you pay for. If you need it only for ocassional use its great.

If you are a big time user get someone else. I'm sure you will be treated worsel.


Exactly MKL... It is easy to see the deceit in this ad.

But the laugh truly is on Tracfone within their own ad... Please note, they write, "With Verizon, I pay 35 cents a minute for my actual usage." Notice the "With Verizon, I Pay" and later with "Tracfone YOU get". :? Even Tracfone does not use their own service, I think this is the biggest message to all, you shouldn't use Tracfone!

They run their customer service with as much brain and forethought as this ad, if they are using Verizon for 35 cents a minute, it goes to show, they prefer to pay 25 cents A MINUTE over their own supposed "10 cents a minute" service. What Tracfone?

Is your own customer service so bad that you can't stand to use your own service and thus willing to pay Verizon 25 cents more A MINUTE? I hope when you need customer service with your Verizon Service, Verizon dumps on you like you do your Tracfone customers.


Unbelieveable!!! Tracfone has the nerve to come in here, rather than post any comment relating to their poor customer service in this complaint, they place a friggin ad.

Does this tell everyone how much they value their customers.

Completely and disgustingly self serving. SEE HERE you will not get service or recognition of problems with Tracfone service


I'd recommend checking out the math.

Unless you are talking/texting all the time, it is way cheaper to run a tracfone than any other service. All those minutes you don't use at the end of the month with other carriers? You still pay the same amount. If you divide your monthly payment by the number of minutes you use, you'll see how much your cost per minute is for actual usage.

With Verizon, I pay 35 cents a minute for my actual usage. Tracfone with DMFL will get you about 10 cents a minute.

I think tracfone is a great value. And remember - they don't have a network. They just sell service. they run on either ATT or Verizon depending on your area. If you don't like the coverage, definitely don't switch to one of those big carriers because it will be the same!


If you need the records badly enough you can file a complaint with FCC or FTC and then try immediately calling the FCC or FTC with the complaint number you get from the filed complaint. They helped me with problems I was having with Tracfone in 3 days time with one call to them from a District Attorney who picked up on the complaint that the FCC posts to all legal authorities. Good luck, they are an impossible company to deal with without legal enforcement.


Thanks everyone for the support and understanding. Anne, the point is, this information is mine, I am entitled to it free, they have my personal information to confirm I am who I say I am when I request it.

They use that same information to take money from me. Why should I pay $75.00 for a subpoena, and then additional money for a process server to serve them?


You should subpoena the records and force them to give them to you.


Been there, done that. Dropped them, they make no more money from me.


I agree, sorry you are experiencing what so many other people are experiencing. The truth is, Tracfone makes ooodles and ooodles of money because their minutes are so much more expensive than other telephone companies, but people use them when they do not use cellphones very much. With all the money they make, and do not serve their customers fairly they are not worthy of having customers!

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