I used TracFone for over three years and I highly WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT to anybody. You have to keep all your receipts and scratched off cards that you use to add minutes. If the cards don't work, and most of the time THE CARDS DO NOT WORK, they will put you through days of wasted time digging through your records to "PROVE" you bought the cards before granting you the services and minutes you purchased. Then you will spend days typing in long codes and repeating them back and waiting 24-48 hours to "see if it will work". It doesn't work.

I bought double minutes for the life of my phone. After one year the double minutes no longer work at all and the company will not help me, at all. I've called, written, and complained. I still get e-mails from them advertising that I can buy minutes which will be doubled. Doubling minutes is the only way to get a 10 cent per minute rate that is on par with other pre-paid cell phone services like AT&T, which I highly recommend.

Do NOT be Trac-FOOLED! Buy TracFone service at your own risk. Be prepared to be FLEECED, lied to, stolen from, and in general treated like a FOOL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tracfone Phone Service.

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Flushing, New York, United States #1271205

track phone is trying to tell customers that there phones are not 3G or 4G so they lose all the data and time minutes they have saved up when the phone has been working over a year


Trackfone is a SCAM...I bought a track one a year ago and never used it. I tried to reactivate it online and add minutes.

The online system took my minutes pin number but couldn't get the serial number to work so I called customer service. After an hour on the phone I got my phone working and it showed I had 90 minutes. Odd since I only bought 60. I called a smart phone to see what the number was and I had a new number, no surprise.

I used the phone for 2 days and then it was deactivated. I called customer service 2x and finally was told my minutes were given to the person that had my old number and there was nothing they could do. They didn't assign the minutes to the phone serial number, they just picked an old number. Anyone thinking about getting a trackfone and especially reactivating one, think twice.

Trackfone is a scam and they have no qualms about giving your number and minutes away to anyone. DON'T BUY TRACKFONE!

Powell, Tennessee, United States #682297

money is tight! very tight, and in trying to save money I bought a tracfone for my girlfriends mother so we (my girlfriend and myself could keep in touch, while I was trucking over the road.

when I was laid off, my girlfriends mom had 204 minutes, when we tried to reactivate the phone we called tracfone to see why it wouldn't work they told us that sim card had gone bad, they (tracfone) told us that when we get the sim card we could buy a phone card and activate the phone once again, and that the 204 minutes would roll over with activatation!!! WELL that was a lie! when we did as they instructed over the phone (land line) the 204 minutes disappeared, leaving only 120 minutes! I called tracfone all the to a manager and was told that was their policy if the phone wasn't used for 60 days!!

MONEY right out of my pocket that they won't even try to replace!! You only fool me once!!!! NEVER AGAIN!! AND BESIDES THAT THE FIRST GUY WE TALKED WAS RUDE AS *** AND HUNG UP ON ME!!!


signed not rich and holding on to my money! :(


Tracfone works fine, $40's worth of minutes lasts me about 4 months. I just hate the ad texts trying to get me to buy more minutes.

to Cowcharge New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States #625265

I agree totally, actually I use the one year card with double your minutes. I get a free code by searching Google for TRACFONE CODES.

There are a few good sites with code, always use the 200 extra! So I get 1200 minutes on a one year card, which is $100, a good deal! As of right now, Tracfone is giving the 200 extra minute themselves!

Though I don't really use my phone much and now have some 850 minutes still on it, I think I am going to sign up for there free auto renew service.

Which charges you $5.99 for a month of added service, when your time frame ends, that is if you don't add minutes! So as long as you have minutes, you service continues!


Tracfone keeps sending me text messages to buy more airtime, then they deduct their own text message from my airtime. I can't afford to keep reading their sales messages.

If I call them to discuss it, they deduct more airtime. Is this happening to anyone, and what can I do to stop them from constantly texting me?

to Linda New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States #625259

That is not true, period! I have used Tracfone for way more than five years and never have been charged by them for any message received!

They also only send a message or two near the time of your renewal. I see a lot of complaints about different issue with Tracfone and to be honest, I think a lot of these people are trolls working for the competition!

to RichieC #891194

I agree, these are TROLLS, I have had a tracfone for 7 years and never had a problem. I just transfered 100 minutes over from my old tracfone to my new one without a problem. TROLLS GO HOME!


I forgot. Always record every conversation with any customer service reps and be sure to get names before yous start complaining, if you are nice first they will give you the info.

If they try to scam you tell them you have recorded the conversation and will slap it all over the internet, especially you tube.

It always worked for me. But, first always be nice and never get exasperated.


I use to be a customer service rep and we were offered incentives to give to the customer if they were nice to us. Being a *** to the customer service reps never pays off.


This is my experience with this company. I bought this phone from their website which said I would receive free a 60 minute phone card, but when the package arrived, it was not there and you can't activate your phone without it.

When I called I got a customer service rep who was new and didn't know what she was doing, so I asked to speak to a supervisor,which to my surprise I was promptly directed to. The supervisor was nice, but what she said made me think about the integrity of this company, she said "Since you have your confirmation number, I will direct you to someone who can turn on your phone and give you the 60 min. card." So, their scam is to offer the free 60 min card, but when you receive your package and it won't be there, so be sure to keep your confirmation number. I did receive my minutes + 10 more.

The phone now works just fine.

The customer service people from Guadalajara were very nice and most of them I could understand just fine. SO the object of this story is to always keep your confirmation numbers; to prevent any scams.


not all that surprised about tracfone. Just an overall scam with terrible customer support


My problem is with minutes - My land line was inoperable and so was internet so I had to call company from Tracfone - I timed the call because I suspected more minutes were being deducted than used - I was on Tracfone for 42 minutes and they deducted 1 hour 22 minutes - what's up with that - have also noticed being charged 6 or 7 minutes for 2 or 3 minute calls


I've had a TracFone for many years, with absolutely no complaints. I enrolled in Double Minutes for Life last year.

Unused minutes all rolled over this year with no problem. I also "super-sized" my purchase this year to double the number the years (and reduce the per-year cost). Several years ago they needed to replace my phone with a no-cost upgrade.

Again, no problems. Go figger.


*** I didn't even get a phone number on mine and you can't contact customer service unless you have your tracktrash phone number. when will someone step in an close these theifs down. Oh I forgot they are the same goverment company that supplies the phones to the welfare trash for free.


I used to be a TracFOOL as well.

I'm a heavy HEAVY phone user. While I had no real technical problems as far as the phone device itself and adding minutes to it, I would never recommend this to anyone who uses their phone a lot.

I was spending 20 dollars A WEEK on minutes because of how much I text and that was me being conservative about it. Now I'm on a contract family talk plan with my mom, stepdad, and little sis through AT&T for $30 a month with an IPHONE.

Prepay isn't always cheaper. And if you wanna do prepay, I'd suggest a company like Virgin Mobile who charge by the month instead of by the minute.


My heartfelt thanks to all the people who told their horror stories. I almsot got suckered by the TV ads, but then I went to their website, and found out that the cost per minute was awful. Thank you!


I just tried buying minutes for my phone. I spent a total of 35 mins trying to get my credit card accepted but was declined for some unknown reason.

This is the exact same card that I used to purchase the last batch of minutes and everything has remained the same.

Now I am told to go and purchase a card from a retailer as they can't credit my phone with the minutes I require. This company sucks!


Since I live in Canada, I wanted a cheap disposable phone I could use during my vacation in California.

First, the phone wouldn't work.

I spent a whole day without it until I could get back to Target. It activated fine on their side, and they weren't going to exchange it. A head manager finally did it. I bought a 60 minute card, and supposedly it was supposed to be doubled with the package I bought.

It worked for about a day, but I could not call my husband in Canada yet. The phone quit working when he called ME. Supposedly my minutes were expired. When I called them, I got the same song and dance I'd gotten over the phone itself- that it wasn't activated correctly.

When I asked the operator where they were located (I was suspicious over EVERY operator having a strong, hard to understand Spanish accent), she said GUATEMALA.

TracPhone is a scam. BEWARE!!!


my whole family has had Tracfones and never had problems with them...I even had a phone tear up and they put the minutes on another phone for me. They have always been friendly and the minutes always show up on my phone super quick....

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