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My dad has used tracfone for 2 years. I bought my mom one for Christmas. For the past 10 days, I have been on the phone with them 10 times. Each call at least 30 minutes long.

One thing you need to know is they select a carrier. They gave us an Iowa area code, which is long distance! I have spent over a week just trying to get a local area code, they keep telling me, basically, that number doesn't exist..even though my dad's phone is a local area code. (One of the biggest in Illinois!)

I am thinking they went with AT&T since it's not a covered area code here. Either way, their tech support sucks. Good luck getting one you can understand!

Tomorrow I will be calling the Miami number listed in the other posts here. They've sent me new SIM cards, always telling me "Give it one hour and you'll have your new number" but never change the area code!

I swear, they hire the most *** people on the planet.

DO NOT BUY A TRACFONE! You've been warned.

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