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TracFone is Horrible. Do not buy or use this product or service.

It has the worst customer service ever (if it even exist there) All they are able to do is read from a script and put you on hold and say "let me check with my supervisor" every 5 seconds. Nothing gets accomplished. Oh and don't forget that your are lucky even if you can get through on the phone that is if you don't get disconnected right away because supposedly they are " so busy " that they disconnect you right away and not even put you on hold.

and when you do get through and get on hold you wait for 1to 2+ hours. TracFone is a complete wast of time.

Review about: Tracfone Phone Service.

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omg i totally agree - been helping out my elderly inlaways and have over 20 hours of 20 different reps, 3 sims card and now a new phone on the way!! totally waste of time i might just put them on my cell plan.

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