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I purchased a tracfone several years ago and never had any complaints until today.I went online to purchase more minutes and after entering my credit card information and clicking Submit, I received an error message stating "We experienced an error processing your transaction.

Please try again with a different credit card or contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-867-7183." I mistakenly tried again with the same card number and received the same error message so I called their customer service number. The wait time was 15 minutes so ng I decided to check my bank account online while I waited to make sure I wasn't charged. Sure enough I was charged twice! After 15 minutes a customer service rep came on the line and after 10 more frustrating minutes decided she couldn't help me and transferred me to another department.

I gave the new customer service rep all the same information and for the next 40 minutes she kept putting me on hold while she "investigated". After I was on hold for the 4th time and 15 minutes had passed without her coming back on the phone I finally gave up. In reality, I think she cut me off that 4th time. I'm going to file a complaint with the company and the BBB and whoever else I can think of.

Unfortunately I did not get the names of either rep because they both said their names very quickly and in very thick accents even after I asked them to repeat it twice. In addition, the background noise was terrible so I had a difficult time hearing them to begin with.

I'll be etting rid of my tracfone since I can't afford for this to happen again.I hope there's another prepaid cell phone company with better customer service out there somewhere.

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same here, it has been over 2 months they still havent give me my money back.


same here....kept being told the credit card wouldn't clear.Still didn't get my minutes.

Checked my account and found I was billed 4 times!

The BBB won't do much unless you file a complaint and can't resolve it with the company...even then it won't matter unless someone checks with the BBB FIRST before they buy the phone.People rarely do.


I feel your pain!I went through the same thing and wasted many minutes trying to find someone who spoke English.

In summary, the problem was never resolved to my satisfaction and I ended up being screwed 200 minutes plus my time on the phone with Jose Jiminez who I never did understand! Now Tracfone is continuing to market to my email account despite my efforts to un-subscribe.

I'd suggest that as far as Tracfone is concerned, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!Check BBB and find an American company.


I had the same problem yesterday except I entered another credit card and kept trying.I was charged SIX times.

Today I spent two and a half hours talking to their customer service rep to get the extra charges removed.

He said the system was unstable yesterday - whatever that means.I will file a complaint with the BBB.

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