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I just updated my old Tracfone; which was dying, for a new one; Tracfone says why not buy this great phone complete with web browser, email and camera?

When I got the phone; I was told the browser is disabled, no web access and no email. The camera can take photos; but I can't send them or transfer them to a computer.

Can't return the phone either.

If my old phone goes dead; I lose about $100 worth of airtime.

Tracfone is 100% dishonest; but because they are not an American company; they are not subject to US laws. Keep that in mind before you deal with them.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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There is a second phone number and a handset serial number on my account that has nothing to do with me. All my minutes are being used by this fradulent number and handset. I cannot get tracfone to explain this situation.


I always wondered if TracFone disables some of the phones features.................

According to manuals etc, I have read about my

phone- it should do this- do that...

except it does nothing....................

Always wondered- now I know............ :eek


I can't tell you how many minutes we have lost by accidently going into the browser. It conveniently located right next to the main enter button on the LG500 and once in no matter how fast you cancel it you get charged minutes.

I called tech support and it can't be disabled. SCAM SCAM SCAM I will be replacing it soon.


tracphone big mistake garbage junk theft robbery licence to print money extorsion

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