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i went to bed on night woke up and my phone was missing 100 minutes i was F***ing Pi**ed off and they didnt give me my minutes back they couldnt even track what they were used for didnt even get the minutes back this is a very bad thing and it should be fixed or stop buying tracfones everyone they are the worst sell phone company in the f***ing world you dont even get premium texting so everyone should go start buying net 10 and virgin mobile cell phones they are much better than the *** company of tracfone did i mention tracfone suck

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Today I dunked my Tracfone in the pool. I bought a new one and called CS.

All was going well until we got to my minutes. They said I had 75.2.

Well that's funny since I activated a new one year card just 2 weeks ago and with double minutes that should be 875.2. We are still at an impass with Tracfone on this issue.


Net 10 and Straight talk ARE tracfone! Tracfone continued to bill me for value plan payments even after the number had been ported out to Verizon.

They refused to refund my payments, sighting that in their systems the phone was still active. How can a phone be active without a number? Thus, there is no way to use the services you sent to the phone because it has no number. I can show proof (through verizon) that the phone has been active with them since 6/14/10...

so why bill me on 6/27/10 and then refuse to refund. That's a lot of money if they decide to do this to all customers that choose to leave Tracfone.

(100,000 customers at a minimum of 10.00 each) over an hour on hold to in order to pay 10.59 to deactivate a phone that should have been deactivated 2 weeks ago. Filed complaint with the FTC and the BBB.

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