Tracfone has some good qualities, but horrible, horrible, customer service. Once something goes wrong the only way to get it fixed is to make a complaint to the FCC (google it, file a complaint, very easy).

It works! Under duress, Tracfone will contact you.

Their Customer Service hasn't been trained to handle anything very complex. Its a nightmare.

Anything complex needs to be escalated, the only way you'll get real help.

Once they changed my phone number without telling me. My phone wouldn't add more minutes, I was desperate. They said type this in, it will fix it.

Then I wasn't getting any calls, not till the next day did I find they had changed my phone number. It took FCC intervention to get my number back.

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Well thihone is piece of *** it just cut of without warning now ima throw it through the wal :? :cry :cry :eek


Ahhhhhhhh! :cry


I got a text message one day that said contact the customer service department. This happened right after my monthly value plan was sent to my phone.

I called and was told that my "phone had a virus". I explained that the only thing it does is make and receive calls. How is that possible? She said, I'm not sure but it cannot be fixed.

It'll need to be deactivated. Within a matter of seconds, it was deactivated and I had lost the money I just paid for the value plan. They proceeded to explain that I would need to buy a new tracfone to resolve the issue. I told them, If I need to buy a new phone it wouldn't be a tracfone.

I came to find out that when they tell you to hit *#0 they are checking the age of the phone.

My phone's parameter was 36 which meant that I had my phone for 3 years. They had deactivated my phone at the 3 yr mark with no fair warning.

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