For about two years, my Tracfone worked great, so I told my girlfriend to get one. We had a few issues with hers. All the customer service people sounded like they are from India. It took many hours to fix simple problems via phone, so I tried the website.

Most recently,both of our voicemail accounts stopped working. The website help uses a menu system with limited choices, which of course, does not include the problem being experienced. Ever. Which means one's only real choice is to e-mail or call one of the Indian people. E-mail gets automatic responses with a long list of instructions on how to fix a problem that you don't have. A telephone conversation is a constant struggle to understand the Tracfone employee, while they SLOWLY read a script, and ask the same questions over and over, usually the phone serial number, your address, credit card info, etc. which appears to have no bearing on the issue at hand.

When I asked for a supervisor, I was told to call back, and disconnected. Nice, eh?

When the Tracfone works, it is okay, although I've noticed a lot more disconnects and fading/garbled calls in the past 6 months.

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Before you toss your phone or do something worse (like switch to Cricket), contact TracFone SuperCSR Elston by e--mail: elombillo@tracfone.com for assistance.


To fix said problem:

Throw device in nearest dumpster and purchase a Cricket.


I've had tracfone now for about 10 years or so. Usually, problems can be worked out, but having more problems now.

Seems they tinker with different settings, like voice mail, roaming, etc. All of sudden you phone might not work from home or go roaming, or not work out of calling area. They will tell you to go get another phone when I know the settings are what's causing the problem. I used to be in the field.

More over recently I was having a problem roaming at home. Called not one but several times, and spent HOURs on phone They disabled the barely used phone and told me it was defective. NOT so. I had nearly 2000 minutes.

The only transfered 1100 to the other phone. Took me several phone calss and hours to get those minutes back. So essentially Tracfone lies. Costs a lot in times, doesn't work well.

Now the Voice mail won't work!!! I found another phone for my child called Kajeet.

I might start using one of these myself. Enough is Enough!


:(i lost my phone ,in a roolover crash. a long with 530 min.

it was smashed . went and got anew one .was told icould get all my lost time and my number of old phone got 120min card 2weeks later find out dont have my nuber or my time .its been 3weeks 2sim cards and still no number no time they should be shut down inda blows *** :(


You hit that right on the button. Customer (dis)service is more like it. :(


I'm out of minutes & can't check my voice mail & wanted to get yall to assist me in recovering my voice mail password; but I play *** gettin in touch with yall!!! This is the first time I was ever able to discuss this with yall.

Please email me with a reply? My email address is keldox_69_sam@earthlink.net


Now that I have activated my phone I can not add time to the phone. The card I bought is useless, and you might say the Phone is useless without the extra minute's.

Just what can I do to correct this problem.


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