I bought a Samsung S380C from their website since I had to cancel my other prepaid service due to budget restraints. TracFone was much cheaper than my previous prepaid carrier. The phone arrived and I activated it, had no problems other than awful signal reliability due to Verizon being bad in my area. So I bought another new phone elsewhere and activated it but did not bother to port my first TF number to it. That was fine but the signal was still awful due to T-Mobile not having adequate signal here either. So I contacted TracFone and asked for a replacement SIM card that was AT&T instead of T-Mobile. That took 2 representatives over several days to have a proper trouble ticket submitted for the sim replacement as the first representative apparently didn't do the trouble ticket correctly so someone canceled it down the line.

So the second representative told me I had to have a phone replacement and they will add a note in the order to include an AT&T sim card but they couldn't guarantee what I would receive would be an AT&T sim card. Well about a week later I receive just an AT&T sim card, no phone. That's fine with me because my phone is not malfunctioning.

I call up Tracfone to activate that sim card and to keep that same phone number as I liked it, it was easy for me to memorize. That representative activated that sim card but lost my phone number and a new number was assigned. I only found that out after I got off the phone with him (and decided to check to see what the number actually was now that the phone was reactivated). I was pissed. I called them up immediately and told them what happened and this time the rep said there was nothing she could do to get my number back. It was then that I decided I was not going to stick with TracFone but switch to an AT&T MVNO when my minutes were used up.

I talked with other Tracfone users in a user group and they suggested I email a representative in the Executive Resolutions area of TF, so I did. She got into the office the next day and within an hour she was able to retrieve my old phone number and assign it to me. Yay! So that is the only good experience I've had with TracFone.

Today I logged into my TF account and I see my phone as "inactive" so I tried to find a way to reactivate it in the system but not actually "reactivate it" since I don't want to lose my number again. I logged onto their Facebook chat and told the representative that I have an active phone but my online account shows it's inactive probably due to the sim card swap. He sounded like he was going to help me and then he immediately closed the chat with the call this 800 number script. At this point I am just going to continue using this phone until the minutes are gone and am switching to another company for mobile phone service. I am not looking for any money to be refunded. I just need to share my experience with other customers or future customers.

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