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I am currently on the phone with Tracfone/Safelink Customer service and I can honestly say it is absolutely horrible. Hands down it is the worst customer service experience I've ever had.

Not only have I been on the phone for 35 minutes with no results but I cannot understand a word that is coming out of the lady's mouth who I've been speaking to. I guess they decided to outsource their call center to save money but in the process they have alienated those of us who do speak english.

It is unexcusable for any customer service center to operate this way. Screw it, I'd rather flush the phone than deal with this.

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Has it occured to you all that Tracfone is discriminating against English-speakers? The native language of their support is Spanish and we English speakers have to put up with non-native English speakers so they can make a few bucks.

Maybe if they improved their service there wouldn't be so many complaints. Does anyone know of a better service?

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