I have never experienced such abysmal technical support from any company, period. They "technicians" no nothing about the product and, many times, are completely unintelligible, due to their accents.

When you call, expect to be at a minimum a half hour on the phone with them, no matter the problem.

I spoke w/ one technician who could not tell me how to set up my download ringtone as my ring. Something as basic as this they could not do.

Do not use this company. And, please, use American workers, not foreigners. We need jobs in this country. I plan on using the remaining minutes and will go to another mobile provider.

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Bonneau, South Carolina, United States #215742

I neglected to mention in my comment that while I repeatedly requested a new SIM card, TracFone covertly cancelled the phone service I did have with them. This meant I had NO phone service even with 1288 minutes which I paid for.

With a wife in failing health, I NEEDED a phone for emergencies; but TracFone could NOT have cared less about "MY PROBLEM".

What a sorry outfit run by a bunch of incompetent foreigners! BUY AMERICAN!!

Bonneau, South Carolina, United States #215735

I have been trying since 10/18/2010 to get TracFone to change my phone number since I have moved into a different Area Code. After TWENTY-EIGHT e-mails and my subscribing to an entirely different cell phone service, they finally sent - they say - a new SIM card.

TracFone Customer Service is the absolute WORST I've ever run into.



:) help


I spoke to a young 19 year old lady who was the most help I have ever received on the phone. She was extremely friendly and we had a long conversation.

I enjoyed our talk so much that I wish I could remember her name. I would love to just be able to talk to her. She was from Guyana and I am from Texas. She loves to walk on the beach and cross the river to see her family.

I told her I would pick her out on the beach one day. I would love to hear from her again. She just struck me as a wonderful person. She also knew her stuff and cured my phone problem quickly.

I would love for her to read this and contact me. JD


The reason for the accents and crappy English that can't be understood hardly at all is that all of their customer service centers are in foreign countries: Colombia, Guatemala, Belize, Guyana, and the Philippines.


Sorry to hear about your problem. Please send e-mail to SuperCSR Elston: ELombillo@tracfone.com for assistance with your TracFone issues

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