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Bought new tracfone,On 2/05/09 paid $105.99 for 400mins+200 bonus mins, went thru 7 days of hassles with techs.

Promo for 200bonus mins expired on 2/11 ,after socalled computer glicths got only 400mins on 2/12.

They deliberately kept stallg till the deadline for the bonus mins expired.

I reminded them it was their glitchs that caused the delay, their response>Ohhh SoooSaweeeeee,ok.

Them *** hindi indians SUCK.

Whats worse is their actually proud of themselves

for rippg us off.

Their poor transmissions and service are deliberate

tactics to anger an frustrate you.

Allah will get them bastards >or Achmed

Monetary Loss: $49.

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