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Had a perfectly functioning TracFone. They said it needed to be updated for technical reasons and supplied a new phone at no charge. Less than 6 months later the supplied phone went dead electrically. Can't be charged, does not have any display, doesn't work. They refuse to replace it. I've been a customer for about 6 years. Do you think I will continue? They forced me to give up a perfectly functioning Samsung phone for an Alcatel that THEY...
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Anonymous The problem with tracfone is they are not telling the truth. . They got sued by the ftc, and some people got cheap phones, and others got a check. When you live in rural ...


AlexTrac Hi. I’m Alex from TracFone Wireless. We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please click on this link to chat with a live agent. Fo...

I had to get a new phone, because they did away with the 2g, so they sent me a smart phone and when I transferd my phone # and minutes my phone number was the only thing they sent, I lost over 2,900 minutes so i am done with them.Grandin,Missouri, I've been a customer for a long time and my wife has too so were done with that company going with att. so watch out because when you have to get a upgrade you'll be ripped off 2,900 minutes is a lot...
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Anonymous Wait a minute ALEXTRAC, are you now saying that you CAN transfer existing minutes from a NON-Android Smart phone to an Android Smart phone??
Since When?
Hmmm strange bec...


ttt Hi, when you did the transfer, did you do it online or over the phone? Also, I saw some posts that said when transferring from a non-android phone to an android phone minutes...

I liked
  • Price and service previously
  • Long time customer
I didn't like
  • Loss of phone and minutes
  • Missing airtime balance