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Purchased new tracfone and wanted to transfer minutes and phone number from old tracfone to new one. I had 1868 minutes on my old tracfone.

When I called customer service to transfer the minutes to new tracfone, they told me "THIER RECORDS" showed I only had 1620 minutes. Despite several minutes of arguing with customer service, there was nothing I could do - either accept them robbing me of 248 minutes, or keep using the older tracfone.

BEWARE!!!! Customer service rep was very cheeky about it too, telling me 2 or 3 times that she "hoped I enjoyed my customer service experience".

Product or Service Mentioned: Tracfone Service Transfer.

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Mountain View, Arkansas, United States #1351719

They are still up to that. They got me for over 8000 minutes last week. I won't let this go by with out a fight.


I lost 384 mis in just this way, so yes it is their SOP to skim minutes. Essentially worth $100 so will be filing a claim...I got nothing better to do.


Yesterday I transferred my phone number and minutes to a new phone. I had 3221 minutes when I started but only was credited for 3000 minutes.

Customer service not the least bit interested in making sure I had all my minutes. This also happened to me years ago the last time I upgraded my phone.


I have transfered phone numbers and minutes a few times and have never had a problem. The ONLY problem I have is I wish they would have more operators that speak better English.

Kaunakakai, Hawaii, United States #206025

This comment is pretty false shiner8. As a tracfone user i have never had any thing go wrong. Tracfones service and customre service have done well by me each time that i have used either.

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