Purchased new Tracfone after using old Tracfone for many many years. I used my phone maybe 5 mins a month if that. Used it for emergencies only. I had acumulated 3034unit minutes on the old phone.

Had the units transferred to old phone. I could not call out on new phone. Promised new phone, never recieved it. After 10 days called agian was told new phone never sent. Tech sends me new SIM card. That one doesn't work, so I tell tech to put my minutes back to old phone. He says he can't AFTER he removes my 3034 minutes from new phone. So I told him, send me an email saying what he has done and to say I had 3034 mins on phone when he removed them.

He says no problem. I recieve new SIM card, phone works!!! So I tell the tech to put my 3034 minutes back on new phone..........20 hours of phone calls and over a month later one tech put 550 minutes on my phone calling it a GIFT!!!! I had 3034 minutes and 365 days of service on my phone when I started. Where are they.

I heard one female tech and her supervisor laughing at my wanting my minutes back. They didn't realize I could hear them......last female tech was crying when I told her I was calling the BBB of south Florida....

She told me she was told not to remove block from my phone until corporate headquarters reviewed my gift minutes of 3034 units. They say I am asking for a gift!!!!

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They won't transfer over 1000 minutes without special authorization. Did they confirm your phone had over 3000 minutes??

Or did you just tell them it had them. They have code response that will verify minutes and days left. They can also verify what you have added to the phone over it's lifetime. If it doesn't add to 3000.....you will not get 3000 mins.

Best number to call(and you did not get it from me) 1-800-378-9575. Create a case get it fixed. BBB of South Florida?? Tracfone is owned by Telmex.

The Mexican phone company. Your experience aside, they are the best of the prepaid companies by FAR



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