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This is the worst phone company I have ever dealt with. My daughter lost her phone, I called and told customer service that it was lost and to quit charging me for a family plan and also transfer unused minutes to my phone.

They failed to take her phone off my plan, I was charged over and over for the family plan. They never transferred the minutes. I have called them 5 times at over an hour on the phone or on hold each time. That is 5 hours on the phone and they have still not resolved this problem or transferred the minutes.

The customer service is in another country and they say a bunch of *** that wastes your time on the phone and again nothing gets resolved. I have nothing bad to say about any other phone company I have used, this one is horrible and I would never go back and would warn people not to get involved.

They claim they have the cheapest minutes and this is untrue. False advertisement.

Review about: Tracfone Phone Service.

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I ordered a phone on Sunday at 11:00am. Ordered overnight shipping.

FIguring I would get it on Tuesday since it was overnight and Sunday was no shipping. Today is Tuesday no delivery. I call up & the rep says because I ordered on Sunday. I said yes but you got it on Monday before the overnight shipping cutoff.

Sunday is b4 Monday I told her. The rep says no. She said if I ordered on Monday & not Sunday I would have got it on Tuesday. Is she clueless????

I said I want my money back for overnight she said no as I personally selected overnight not Tracphone. I said well I didn't get overnight, and she says I ordered on Sunday not Monday. Just kept going in circles. Tell me how in the world could I not receive it on Tuesday eventhough you had the order on Sunday and even before shipping cutoff time on Monday.

I hung up in frustration after she said call back tomorrow and check on delivery date. :(

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