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Been using trac phone for about 10 yrs.Last week they called an said they were sending me a new Sim card as it was an upgrade.

It came yesterday an I read the instructions an did as it stated an called the number given.

He then said I needed to put the old Sim card back in so they could deactivate it.

I was pissed over that.They should tell you that first to call then to deactivate it first!

Well.I did as requested deactivated it and put new Sim card an lost my contacts over the last 10 yrs were gone.

Lots of these contacts can not be looked up in a directory!

I may change to some other provider over this .

Review about: Tracfone Sim Card.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Jack, you're a ***. Most people understand that you get what you pay for, and are willing to accept reduced customer service, crappy phones, etc. for Tracfone's cost.

But it's not as if this phone was lost at sea, or destroyed, which some of *us* are able to take precautions to prevent. The problem is Tracfone's terrible handling of SIM cards.

I've used Tracfone for many years, along with *another* phone for other, superior services. It makes sense to plan to swap out SIM cards to retrieve contacts if need be, because THAT'S HOW SIM CARDS WORK. There's no practical point to them otherwise. Yet I also found out that Tracfone ensures their SIM cards don't work like expected. This is not something most people plan for (I'm sure you haven't. I'm sure it's never crossed your mind.) So I'll also be crossing this company off my "do business with" list, but not because they're "cheap". I can handle cheap. But detrimentally ***? Surprise, that can pop up anywhere.

So thanks for the helpful comment. Slamming someone for simply reviewing their negative experience with Tracfone. Why would you even bother? Just go start and be done with it.


yep you should have write them down,because you received a NEW sim, if you only had to switch the sim to another phone they could've stay there.


You are a silly, cheap man. go ahead and find another carrier as cheap as Tracfpne.

Go ahead and blame them for the loss of your contact list. Whose responsibility was it to create a back up? If you had those numbers for ten years, you should have written them down or , like me, used a better carrier and better phone that allows for backing up your contacts to your computer.

The other thing is that if these people care about you and are your friends and if you had known them for ten years, they will call you. If they do not call you, then obviously, you really didn't need their numbers.

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