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If you doubt me, call the number and see for yourself. The broken English is unmistakeable.

Beside, they will lie to you point blank, as the LG800 is sold stating it uses apps, they have first stated they do not support apps, pointing out the ad the LG was sold under, they switched their story. Now stating only thopse Apps they have at their Web Sit, Yet their Web Site Carries no Apps. ZCarries only two different types Ring Tones, Background Graphics, and Games, there are no Apps! They will even tell you , you have to go to LG to find out what the operating system is for this stated Smartphone.

Yet in doing so, LG is indeed under Contract to Tracfone and Net 10 more recently ( within two weeks ) being sold by Verizon under another name, but is the LG800. But LG has not produced that which is showing they are manufacturing this item. Obvious they are under contract to not release any information about this newly retailed Cell Phone / SmartPhone. It is indeed much more involved then the simplistics I state here.

But it is indeed pass time to call these double dealers on the cuff.

As this is a prime example of why the world economies are as they as now, As the Dollars is not based upon gold, it\'s based upon services. Light came on hunh?

Original review posted by user Feb 15, 2012

I have tried it, this is just another statement of lies being used to cover up the point of Fraud in Advertizement of sales. This goes back to the same Phillipino Networking Marketers group used by the Tracfone Corporation.

Who is indeed hiding in the closet. This in which I can Prove without a shadow of a doubt, in a Court of Law. All has been well documented. These people are not Techs nor are they engineers.

In the point of how I would know that, I am what they are not.. I am currently looking for an Attorney who wishes to file the Civil Law Suite.

You can intiate contact me for the further details at Alonquian_Cougar@Yahoo.Com. This I can testify and prove occurring a little over seven year of different occurrances of those points stated as uses beyond that of the simple cell phone call and recieving call.

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phone companies will never give a *** about complaining customers because most of the time, it is just hassle, nothing is ever perfect, if you knew anything about phones that LG phone technically uses apps, it has a Camera App, it has a Phone app, it has a Web app, it has a Messaging App, You need to figure out what you mean by apps. And this phone uses a variant of the Symbian OS i believe, Is it touch screen?

If it is that doesnt make it a smart phone either.

This is not a smart phone. You need to know what you buy before you buy it that is your own fault.


i had 4 of those lg800g phones, they don't work right, they are refurbished, and are not smart phones, i now have a lg 840g which is supposed to be smarter then the lg800g we will see. i have had sooooo much trouble with these people that they have caused ALOT of anger, i usually keep my anger in, but i can't now that's why i'm going to call the Florida attorney general tuesday, monday my brother and his wife are having their first baby and i'm not letting tracfone fck that up!

i'm also complaining to the fcc, the better business bureau, and at least one other. i'v told tracfone this and they don't care, it's as if it don't scare them, maybe they think it's all talk on my part, because others have made the same empty promises and if we the customer only threaten and not do they will continue to do what they do, so please people follow through, thanks

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