ok here i go again, still getting a text that is eating my minutes and i am a pretty pissed customer you need to fix this problem now and i mean now!!!

i want some compensation minutes and a new lg225 or me and all my friends will switch to another prepaid phone carrier, do you get the picture.

my friends are also getting this text message and are also very displeased at this they have also been loyal tracfone customers and are greatly disappointed with this problem.

you need to compensate me for all this trouble and grief asap!!!!

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Tracfone is obviously scamming its customers with text messaging. I had an old Tracfone that did not charge me to read text messages. I rarely got text messages back then. Occasionally a friend would send me one, but we aren't really into text that much.

Then I got a new Tracfone, keeping my same phone number. Apparently all new Tracfones charge to read an incoming text message. Guess what? Now I get tons of junk advertising text messages! It took me 2 or 3 times to realize I'm being scammed by Tracfone. They, their affiliate, or their 3rd-party bed buddy are intentionally sending me junk text messages so Tracfone can make money when I read them. Now I'm very careful to see who the message is from before reading it. But they obfuscate it with a weird code like xxx-xx, with numbers in the x spots.

But maybe I'm imagining things. Paranoid, right?

Well, my wife just replaced her old Tracfone with a new one (different model than me), keeping the same phone number. Again, all new Tracfones charge to read an incoming text. Guess what? Now SHE is getting tons of junk text messages that she never got before.

Tracfone, you are ***. Quit this before you get fined and/or arrested. :(


Same problem as you. Register number with donotcall.gov and this should stop or it is illegal activity I believe.

Schuyler Lake, New York, United States #84515

what is the "email address" to text from my computer? Example: 6085551234@alltel.com


How can i check my text message on computer? from my phone?


What kind of text messages? Incoming text messages do not use minutes, at least not on my Motorola. Tracfone sometimes sends ads but they don't use minutes either.

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