The customer service is terrible. Wait time is ridiculus. I have spent several hours trying to get service. On hold for an hour. Hung up and tried again. No one seems to be able to solve the problem. They have sent two sim cards.

I have had no service for two weeks. I have made at least 8 calls. Still no resolution.

I regret using tracfone.

I will not recommend tracfone to anyone.

Surely the FCC should investigate.

I see many other complaints and agree with all of them.

The price is not worth the inconvenience.

Use another company for wireless service.

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I have been a tracfone cusotmer for several years .I think its been 13 yrs but I am not positive on this.Customer service has got worse over the yrs but I have my whole family on my plan and it saves enough money its worth the little inconveince of the long waits and the mistakes.I use the double minutes for life and the family plan and bonus codes .It cost me for my phone $200.00 a yr thats sure bettetr than at the least $40.00 a month.I spend $120.00 a yr for the other 5 members of my family I would guess that tracfone probably saves me about a $1000.00 a yr on my cell phones and I furnish my 82 yr old father who I feel safer with him being alone going places if he can get ahold of me and My 13 yr old daughter who is in sports my husband who had 1 stroke the other 2 is just a luxury but its nice to have.I will be a tracfone customer as long as I have a cell phone.Thank God for them.1/2 the time when I have to call I can't understand them and the wait is terrible but the savings are great.


Curious on how one get's overcharged on a "pre-paid" phone... :?


Don't use Trackfone and their terrible customer service. 1sth time I called them it took me close to 2hrs cus they over charged me and "no result or refund yet!" what a waste of time!

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