This is the worst company I have ever seen. I have been trying for 1 1/2 weeks to add minutes and promotion code.

This company needs reported to the better business beaurea and consumer affairs. I am an old woman without a car and with heart problems, the week and 1/2 of the super bowl and now my sister has died and I cannot call anyone. How would you like your mother to sit without a phone like this?

You need a big fine by the feds. I don't have a car to go return this ***.

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Hi it’s me again. Remember when I gave out a solution 2 comments down.

Well that solution doesn’t work for me anymore. I really don’t know what to do now this is really aggravating! EVERY TIME I TRY TO ADD AIRTIME I get this {{Redacted}}! It will be 2 years in October that this has been happening to me!

Effin ridiculous! I’m going somewhere else bye tracfone bye!


So... what's the answer to alert that says "system unavailable.

try later." when you're trying to make a call and you have plenty of battery power and over one thousand minutes available? Can anyone give assistance? Isn't that what this is for..... to find out what to do to get assistance?

Not negative comments. Those don't help at all.

Westlake, Louisiana, United States #1312616


This is the the ONLY way it works for me... okay this has been happening to me EVERYTIME I add airtime with a promo code....if I add it without the code it goes through just fine...

But I can't do it without bc those extra free mins I really need so I choose to use promo code...

Now I add airtime with promo code and it gives me "processing please keep phone on to receive mins blah blah" then about 5 minutes or so go by and then i get that annoying message "system unavailable try later"


The Solution that works for me is...

I have to wait 24 hours from the last time I tried to add the airtime once I wait the 24....I have to re-enter the airtime pin and promo code and it works!! but if you try adding your minutes all day long then you have to wait 24 hours from the last time you tried... It's a pain in the ***!!! And it really sucks for the ones who use their tracfones for emergencies only....

I have to re-up on my minutes wayy before I run out of the existing minutes.... or I would be in a bind....



I have the same problem - it says system unavailable try later. Been doing that all day so added them online.

They gave me a receipt but still no minutes on the phone. I am worried too as no phone and my minutes are soon due. When will the system be available and why is this happening? Something is deeply wrong if people have waited a week and a half.

It seems to work on the web site but check your minutes and due date. Did you really get them? I did not. I am just so discouraged as tracfone has done similar in the past.

Is so strange they keep doing this.


hi, I was having the same problem! ...but I added my minutes through the tracfone website and it worked right away!

hope this helps! :)

to :) #1400484

That's great, but for some reason I can't seem to get through on their website. I can't get a secure connection online.


I got this phone when I lost my job last year. I use it for emergencies and to help get work.

I am now actively homeless and it is the only link I have to pulling myself out of my situation... and this is the third time I have gone through this garbage.

Who is going to hire a person that cannot even return phone calls?

Get this fixed tracfone!


i would like to know why my trac phonewill not accept minutes and it keep saying system unavailable


i just bought a 40 dollar airtime card and its not letting me add it to my phone.i just keep getting a system unavailable try later. its been going on for 2 days and i want to call and text my girlfriend.


I'm having the same problem and this is relativity recently, all of a sudden I can't dial out. What if my call was tied to an emergency situation.....hello lawsuit.


Same here. I just bought a new 1 year card 99.00 dollars it has been a week 1/2 and still have issues not being able to get conn.

1. The SIM card problem

2. The System unavailable try later

3. The Freaking phone still not working.


Sorry to hear about your problem. Please send e-mail to SuperCSR Elston: ELombillo@tracfone.com for assistance with your TracFone issues


Though the phone works well, it is impossible to reach a human at Tracfone to change my credit card number which TracFone uses for my monthly charge. I get a recorded message stating that they have unusual call volume (I believe that)and I should try later.

After trying later for THREE DAYS, and submitting emails, it is quite apparent that THEY DON'T ANSWER BECAUSE THEY JUST DON'T CARE! :sigh

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