I went to a Toy's R us an HOUR from our small town. We wanted to get our daughter a Track phone that she can use to get on the Internet.

A Track Phone and then get a prepaid card. To activate it, as we did for our son. After getting home our son told us it was the Wrong phone. We needed to get a Net 10.

We didn't want our $ back we just wanted to exchange what we had. This was the Place where got the phone Originally. We had a customer service lady say "no, it has been opened. She also took a Look at the minute Card & she stated that IT Was unable to be returned as well" that it was a Gift card.

She was wrong on that. It was the 40 Dollar minute card. (Not a gift card). We had an electronic Receipt that they send to our phone and that wasn't good Enough..

we dropped 415.00 Dollars to get or Kids & Grand kid's Christmas gift's.we WERE loyal to this place with Toy's. You can be Assured we will never do this AGAIN neither will our family & friend's.

We Will share this with them. This happened with in 7 day's of the purchase.

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