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I recently had to upgrade my Tracfone to keep my service. In exchange for a stainless steel phone at $230.00 they sent me a plastic replacement that sells for $19.99.

Recently the phone just stopped working. After being on hold for 45 minutes they finally decided to send a new sim card. When the card arrived I followed the procedures and repaced the old one. I called tech support to have the phone reprogrammed, knowing that the problem was the phone not the card.

After being on the line with them for 2 1/2 hours, I still don't have a signal and all my minutes disappear. They issue me a ticket # and transfer me yet again. Another hour goes by and I'm still on hold. Finally they tell me to wait for one hour to give the phone time to reprogram.

Well, guess what? No signal and no minutes. From the second time I call again, knowing what is ahead. Sure enough I was on the phone for over 3 hours this time.

They were nice enough to let me listen to that great ad of theres over and over between the narratives of what was going on at there end (Step by Step with that thick accent that you can barely understand). Well its 10:30 now and the third department necessary for my continued journey of bad commercials and a bad connection finally comes to an end when the techie tells me the department is now closed and I will have to call again tomorrow. So I'm going to be on "hold" till tomorrow when I can start my day off with Tracfone whispering sweet "NOTHING" into my ear for another four hours. For those of you looking to buy a new cell phone.

Your best bet is to get a car with On-Star so you can at least be hands free while getting somewhere while on hold.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tracfone Service Transfer.

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While it was in bad taste to make a comment about someone's accent I do agree about tracfone taking forever to answer their phoneline. Last two times I've called them it's been over a half-hour wait to speak to a tech. I don't even know if they will be able to help once I've been connected.


im still waiting for my safe link mins and every time i go to it it sas its not working

im getting upset


I think that tracfone is an excellent company with excellent customer service and I think that this person is a complete *** to be making fun of someone's accent. How low can you go?! :(

Bluemont, Virginia, United States #16230

TracFone doesn't sell 230.00 handsets.

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