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My grandparents provided me with an old Tracfone that they no longer used, as I no longer had an active cell phone. We went to Walmart to purchase 200 minutes for $40 today.

When I attempted to add the minutes, I received an error message. I got on the website for Tracfone to attempt to load the minutes, and was told the telephone number and SIM number for the phone entered was for a Net 10 phone, not a Tracfone, so I went to the Net 10 website to add the minutes, but was referred back to the Tracfone. I called and sat on hold for 20 minutes before reaching a representative on the phone who provided no apology or any sort of responsibility for the headache I was getting from their idiotic practices. As I was on the phone with the rep, I was researching the scam associated with Tracfone online.

It was as if I was reading a book! The rep kept telling me she was working with her supervisor and that I needed to hold. She offered to load 300 minutes on the phone for me, but kept telling me it was a "one time courtesy". Then she tried to tell me to call back in 3 days after they give me a ticket number, which I refused to do and demanded to speak with a supervisor.

She then placed me on hold for another 10 minutes, when a very heavily accented man got on the line claiming to be a supervisor. He asked how he could help, and I blew my lid then. Turns out then have another *** of supposed supervisors to handle all of the escalated calls, so you have to repeat your story all over again because the supervisor and rep are not always located in the same area. Supervisor kept telling me to hold on while he was reviewing the account.

He kept asking for the same information from the phone, and I then told him to write it down because he was frustrating me even more. He told me they arer not allowed to write anything down? BS, which is exactly what I told him. He then said that I, too (just like evryone else's story I read) would need to be mailed a new SIM card because the phone number was recycled, as they all are with whichever company they call themselves.

I lost my patience at this point, and started screaming at him that this is nothing but a scam, and that he has wasted an hour and a half of my life with this nonsense only to now take it to the level of "he would need to mail me a new card", and I would then need to call back again and speak to some *** on the phone to activate this piece of *** phone. The entire time, he said NOTHING. No apology, no empathy, no nothing. He said it would take 3-5 days.

I asked if they were mailing it USPS, and he said "of course". I then told him that the way to tell if a company is a scam is if they make their customers wait 3-5 days after this level of frustration instead of rush delivering or FedEx'ing or using UPS to ship the package, to which he then told me they use FedEx. I wanted a tracking number, but all he could provide me with was a ticket number to use on their website to track the progress of my complaint.

This company is BS, and they know it. I will be contacting BBB and reporting this, as I have now wasted $40 on a phone card that I cannot use for anything.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Hint- When you turn the phone on - it tells you what kind of phone it is. The logo that is imprinted on the top also indicates Net10 or Tracfone.

The error started with you. You bought a tracfone card for a Net10 phone. She was going to give you 300 minutes, but you said NO! You'd have gotten an extra 100 minutes...I have never had any problems, and when I did, I got courteous service.

You get more flies with honey.... :?


Hi, this is Ava with TracFone. I read your post and am sorry that you are having problems.

Please send me your contact information to the following email address . My colleagues and I can help you get the problem resolved right away. Please include your name, phone serial number or cell phone number.

So you don’t have to retype this information, just copy and paste your comments from the blog and include it in your email. Please include your blog name in your email.


first you don't know weather it's a tracfone or net10 then you only you are to blame for all the problems you have.. had this company for over 8 years and NO PROBLEMS EVER..


first you don't know weather it's a tracfone or net10 then you only you are to blame for all the problems you have.. had this company for over 8 years and NO PROBLEMS EVER..

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