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Just purchased TracFone through QVC for 1 year service/1.5 data/1500 phone minutes/1500 texts. Qvc assured me tracfone would transfer my existing phone minutes from current tracfone to new tracfone.

Well, tracfone managed to transfer my number to the new phone but not the existing 1409 phone minutes. I should have had a total of 2909 phone minutes. Tacfone was tols this the day of the new phone actuvation on 12/23/2018 and they said the problem would be resolved in 24 hours. They lied.

I called "customer service" (they are anything but) to explain the problem. The non English person on the phone kept repeating herself and refused to understand the complaint, which is my missing 1409 phone minutes. She kept insisting that my 1500 minutes were already added, to which I would explain AGAIN that I should have a total 2909 minutes and that my prior minutes were never transferred. 40 min later she "transfers" me to "the proper department" another 40 minutes and a night stuck in a scene from Groundhog Day, the guy "supervisor" finally states that 1399 minutes were authorized to be added back to my account (10 minutes less than I paid for).

I got a ticket number...but no minutes.

I plan on filing a complaint with QVC (not their fault but they should know who they are dealing with), the better business bureau, and any other company I can find. I am calling a lawyer to see about suing them for the cash value of the minutes they stole and will see about a class action lawsuit because I am reading that this has happened to many people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tracfone Service Transfer.

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Hi, this is IdealisticFoxTerrier802 again, really I don't know how to log onto this site so I just keep posting comments. I have an update on this same TracFone: now the pos won't connect to my WiFi no matter what I do.

I have tried everything but smashing it with a hammer. I have tried re-entering all wifi logon/password data. I have turned on and off the wifi repeatedly, ditto with the phone. No go.

The best I get is 2 seconds of searching before it states "disabled". Half the time it just half spins and immediately states disabled. I highly recommend that people never ever buy the TracFone/LG phone fron QVC.

Not QVC's fault this phone SUCKS! What a waste of money and all the frustration one could ever want in one life time.


Update (I am also the anonymous reply to Alec. Forgot to log in and just hit reply, so that comment is from me, Idealistic FoxTerrier802).

Update, Tracfone finally added missing phone minutes, but shorted me 20 minutes. They initially said that 1399 minutes were "authorized to add" to my account, which is 10 less than the total missing and quite some time later, long after I posted here and posted the reply, I noticed my phone minutes were increased. But why was I shorted a total of 20 minutes? I paid for those minutes.

The "customer service" department is so like an exercise in torture that I don't want to call them ever again? Maybe Tracfone wants it that way? Now I have a new problem. None of my texts will send.

Yes, I have plenty of texts that were just set up with this new phone, and my Wi-Fi is on. So?

This is super fun. Seriously, this will be my last Tracfone.


Hi, IdealisticFoxTerrier802. This is AlexTrac from TracFone Wireless.

I see you need help with your phone. Please chat with us using this link

For your convenience, our representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST. You may also text the key word HELP to 611611 to view our self-service menu with a list of help key words with valuable information.

to AlexTrac #1620647

Hello Alex, I am not going to use the chat option because while I type as fast as I can on my phone using one finger, the person on the other end will repeatedly enter that if I don't respond in 30 seconds they will end the chat. Ask me how I know that.

Same with texting...I will text the issue and get a reply that has nothing to do with the issue, nor will I get the problem solved. Go ahead, ask me how I know that, too.

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