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TracFone - Tech people are ***

lost my account info and 4 times tried to get my account updated, but to no avail. First pswd they gave me didn't work. The next 3 times, nothing. I have had Tracfones for years and never any trouble till now. Running out of minutes and can't buy minutes because I can't get into my account. So, do I have to buy another phone? Go to Virgin that stole over an hour of my minutes? And how do you find a pin number????? Try and buy minutes and they ask for a pin #, where is that???? Very frustrated..Help please
Zimmerman, Minnesota
Tracfone Account
I contacted Tracfone about 6 times because the computer was saying their was a problem with my account. The support technician gave me an e-mail adress that was suppsosed to be free for Tracfone customers. Instead I get time taken off my phone. I call and talking to...
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I have had great service from Tracfone.Ever since i got thier Safelink service,i had beeen happy with the reception of calls.Four Bars in my area.(Must be using AT&T Towers!)A...

Biwabik, Minnesota
Tracfone Account