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Because I'm a senior and most of my social security check goes straight to Medicare payments, I'm poor now. And because of that TracFone believes that we do not deserve technologically current cellphones (Android). Yet, we *must* make a call, emergency or not, every...
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It seems that Tracfone cannot provide the most basic of customer current experience may be phone with 2100 minutes and almost 300 remaining days has been...


Hi. I’m Alex from TracFone Wireless. We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfo...

I didn't like
  • Tracfone customer service
  • Care less about my loyal years of service
  • Inept customer service agents

TracFone in Boston, Massachusetts - Lost minutes

I have lost lots of minutes over the years. This was my last nerve with tracfone. I have had phones through them for about 12 years. I have slowly migrated my family of 4 away from them. Now down to one last phone for my youngest. I tried to transfer 1200 minutes form my wifes old phone which she has not used since jan of this year (2013). After waiting on the phone forever, once again, they told me that since that phone had been deactivated , the minutes were lost. Last I purchased the minutes so how can they just throw them away? any way, everyone should get rid of tracfone. Go with Airvoice and buy your own quality phone. you can buy an old iphone 3gs for less than $100 on ebay. and you have a quality phone and great service and awesome customer service with English(American) located in the US, not India!

I have been a TracFone customer from October 2002 through June of 2013. Sometimes my wife and I had two phones and sometimes one. Over the years I have recommended TracFone to friends and relatives, several of which have taken my advice. Once my minutes run out, we...
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done with tracfone

Same rhing happened to me with tracfone. I paid for 240 mins but got screwed out of 60promo mins. All they do is put me on hold for supwrvisor play music & don't call back. ...


Is there any reason why you couldn't have just used the phone that the time was already on instead of transferring it to your phone? I don't know if they have some kind of cl...

WORST SERVICE EVER You shipped a phone with Fed Ex- with the rules that it cannot be picked up at the facility until it is returned from the truck. FedEx will not tell you when it will be delivered. My phone was supposed to be delivered Wednesday, Feb 19- they tried to...
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This happened to me too, just this week. Ordered a Tracfone; FedEx tried to deliver it. I had left a signed note on my door asking them to leave the package there; this usua...



I had over 500 minutes of roll over at the end of July, sometime early August I had "no" minutes. I called Tracfone and got the run around. They have no way to track your history. After days of frustration, I gave up. I had to use this backup phone end of August so I added the minimum airtime of 30 minutes. They doubled my time (wow) and I made 18 minutes of calls and the middle of a conversation, it went dead. NO AIRTIME AGAIN. I had 42 minutes left. I called and was on the phone for an hour with several people. Finally they gave me a case number and said they would investigate. Call back in 72 hrs. When I called back, I had to explain again the problem. After another hour on the phone, they finally said they were not going to give back my airtime because they was no evidence. I cancelled, got my CC to take back my latest purchase and put them on do not pay list for my card. DO NO USE TRACFONE - THEY ARE BORDERLINE CRIMINAL.
I bought a phone from the Tracfone website on April 4th. After I received it and was going to set it up the rep on the phone told me that I could not transfer my minutes that I just bought to my new phone and If I used this phone it is a NET10 phone and the minutes...
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Did you know after one year Tracfone you can not get a new Battery for your phone .Thacfone dose NOT sell them ,,I was told to go to Walmat ,But Walmart dose not sell the or dose Best buy/ Tracfone told me to buy a new phone , I will but it will not be a tracfone....
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I got a new battery at Batteries-Plus. It cost me more then I paid for the phone...but I didn't have to mess with customer service to activate a new phone.


1. Open up your phone and extract the battery. 2. Go to eBay or google \"battery\" 3. Look up battery. 4. Order it.


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