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(786) 475-5312 has been accessing my voice mail for the last weeks. It uses several minutes of my voice mail space. By clicking option 5 on my voice mail menu I get the time of the call and the number making the call. It has been able to repetitively use the minutes of...
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Hi. I’m Alex from TracFone Wireless. We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to TF.CorpResolutionTeam@tracfo...

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  • Cost when i used very few minutes
This company is a joke. They need to be put out of business. Their is always no supervisor available or manager to speak with concerning your problem. I was told that my current minutes will not be lost if I purchase another card,all of my previous minutes were lost...
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You are so correct about this company, I lost 4 hours over two days and, like you, they wanted me to buy some more minutes in order to fix the phone number that they screwed u...


TracFone in Miami, Florida - International calls

I bought this tracfone service,as in the brochure,it allows for international calls. I am Canadien,spend wonter in Florida. I attemted to call Canada,the phone rings in Canada,but you cannot hear one another. I reported this to trackfone,talked to 3 reprsentatives, and they cannot fix it. To me they provide false information.This is very desapointed, as the reason I bought it was for international calls. It is difficult to understand that this company does not deliver what it promises to. I hope that they will fix this, as I will tell all of my Canadiens friends spending winter down south the problem they will be facing
Tracfone puts a text message on your phone telling you that you have bonus minutes and then tells you they have expired when you still have time to add them. What a ripoff. I called customer service only to wait 15 minutes for someone to come on line and then tell...
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I\'ve had the exact same experience twice this week, mine and my husbands. I stuck to my guns and after about 20 min. got it. I asked the supervisor if this happens very oft...

Today (12/13/10) I tried to buy 450 minutes of airtime; gave Tracfone (like a fool) my credit card number), and have received ZERO minutes in return while my credit card is being assessed $78.99. Isn't there anything that can legally be done about this? When I...
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I will NEVER deal with tracfone again! It is soo not worth the hastle and expense. My daughter had one of their phones. She put 2 cards on her phone, one being the $150 one th...

Gordo Gagarin

1. Never deal with Tracfone using a credit card. 2. Buy your minutes at Wal-Mart where you receive a physical card. 3. Never buy minutes for a Tracfone in a convenience s...

Have been trying to get my new phone rectivted into Tracfone. Have talked to uneducated ***'s on a daily basis to get this completed. Have spoken with supervisors and managers to no avail. They are totally useless and worthless. you can't understand most of...
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mad trac user

Ditto, they gave the the wrong sims card and it took me 2 weeks of countless phone calls to get it right. They said I did not need a new sims card, and after 2 weeks of lousy ...


Overnight Shipping Fraud or Idiocy at Tracfone

I ordered a phone on Sunday at 11:00am. Ordered overnight shipping. Figuring I would get it on Tuesday since it was overnight and Sunday was no shipping. Today is Tuesday no delivery. I call up & the rep says because I ordered on Sunday. I said yes but you got it on Monday before the overnight shipping cutoff. Sunday is b4 Monday. The rep says no. She said if I ordered on Monday & not Sunday I would have got it on Tuesday. Is she clueless???? I said I want my money back for overnight she said no as I personally selected overnight not Tracfone. I said well I didn't get overnight, and she says I ordered on Sunday. Just kept going in circles. Tell me how in the world could I not receive it on Tuesday even though they had the order on Sunday and even before shipping cutoff time on Monday. I hung up in frustration as she said call back the next day to find out when delivery is.

I recently encountered a horrible customer service experience with Tracfone's cusotmer service. At the time I thought I was completely in the right and argued quite a bit with the customer service rep, even her supervisor too. I was trying to use a promo code when...
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Helen Kruse

The best way to get a human who actually answers the phone is by calling the Tracphone corporate office. The number as of March 2,2018 is ~ 1~305~715~6500. I had to ask for a ...

Your Mama

Worthless phone number.It does not connect you to the Executive Resolution Team, it connects you to the same *** customer service as their main number 1-800-867-7183.They must...


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