I have ample minutes and days. Battery is fully charged.

Every call I have tried in the last month. I get the error message telling me that call cannot be completed..-34 is error message although the phone shows all bars visible. I like the idea of TracFone but a phone is not good if you can't make calls. The entire error message states "check call restrictions


the last time I purchased an additional minutes card, I had to try several times before I could even reach TracFone to add the minutes and days to my phone.. not very happy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Tracfone Phone Service.

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Shoot, so that's that one spoupess.


I just got my tracfone and i keep getting the message error 34 everytime i try to call out what do i do?


I had this problem as well--restriction 34 on my Sumsung Tracfone. I just saw the suggestion on this forum to turn the phone off and then back on.

This worked for me.

I am very happy now. Thank you Jake from Tuscan.


I have the same problem when traveling. I have two tracfones.

One older and one newer. The old one works everywhere. Never had a problem. I there is signal, it works.

The new one is very poor. It works less than 50% of the time. Fails with the -34 error code. There is no help from Tracfone support.

Nothing really fixes this problem. I have a theory. The new phone has triple minutes and the old one has double minutes. I think when we are in certain areas the triple-minute phone does not pay enough per minute to the carrier.

Tracfone is a parasite on other carriers networks. Tracfone does not have a network and thus has to pay other carriers. The triple-minute phone only pays about $.08 per minute. Maybe not enough to make some carriers happy.

My working phone is double minutes and pays about $.12 per minute. Just a theory.


Same trouble here. My first phone worked fine for 4 years but the replacement is nothing but trouble. NOTHING but trouble.


just turn it off (hold red button down 5 sec

....and then back on (red button down 5 sec.)

this usually gets it working again.


This is an error code fro SIM card recognition, not a problem with charging etc. The code for your account no longer matches the code in your phone.

According to another forum, calling the number given by comment 10 should get it fixed. Another comments suggested it may be because your service was switched from TMobile to ATT.


These phones are Junk. I'm sending mine back to their headquarters.

Let's google tracfone headquarters, and rant and rave on that cities craigslist.

I've tried every suggestion on here and nothing works. *** It!


I am having the same sort of experiences. Looks like tracfone sucks. Check call restrictions even with 800 minutes and 300 service days trying to call from the same location I have been calling with the same phone for months.

They are probably pulling some sort of scam and since we can't rely on our jew government to deal with the corrupt business practices, we have no choice but to begin the process of starting the 4th reich.


I tried to use my tracfone yesterday at Dulles International Airport. I bought a prepaid fone cause I'm out of country for most of the year.

I thought this would be an inexpensive alternative to placing collect calls in airports while traveling. This is totally unacceptable.


try taking the battery and sim card out then putting them back in. I had this problem and it worked for me.


I need to make a call to France right now and the guy that set up the code for me clearly messed something up and it will take yet another 3 hours to fix it, this is all so frustrating, are these people just in business to collect money and not give service?, you pay inbound and outbound fees and that includes their service.


Aren't these phones At&t network? My Samsung phone works fine in my home area, I traveled today and got this error 34 junk.

I'm not sure if it was a roaming issue or what, but call icon had a slash through it and it did exactly what you guys are saying. As soon as I got close to Shreveport where I live, it went away and I could use the phone again.

Not cool at all, THIS is why I wanted a phone in the first place.


I got the same message on my tracphone. I was able to call out AFTER THE SIGNAL WAS REGAINED. In my area, we have a donut hole where no cell signals penetrate. Thst is in Toledo, Swan Creek Park area. All sports of people have issues, from Verizon, to AT&T, to Revol. Sprint also had issues before i got this one.

However, you must make sure you are getting the signal, regardless of what the signal display says.

And yes, the customer service is lacking, ever since TracFone become the "ObamaFone." TracFone doesn't care, since it's guaranteed income from our tax dollars.... isn't that what our free 250 minutes for welfare and fake SSDI claimants is? God us working folks should be just as lucky to get a booty call phone, and whatever irresponsible act we want phone too.

Other cell companies are also becoming "ObamaFones" now to. Watch to make sure your prepaid carriers ARE NOT "ObamaFone," to get the best service.


Got Error message Restrictions -34. I called and got a phone line where my voice echoed.

Service rep was in very noisy room. English was not her first language -- she kept asking me to repeat my address.

Finally after 18:57 she told me my phone was out of warranty and I had to get a new one. I said it wouldn't be a TracFone so I wanted my minutes refunded (I still have 68 days) -- she said that was impossible.


I called the customer support center and the guy told me I needed a new phone and the Samsung phones were bad..after 10 minutes I was disconnected I called back and the new customer service representative gave me quite a few codes to put in I tried it and it seemed to work so I'm going to wait and see what happens

My grandparents are having the same problem but i found a help # its 1-800-876-5733 i havnt called it yet so idk if it will work..... (their phone confused me) lol :eek :? :( :x :sigh

Tracfone goes out for days at a time. Going back to landline.

wth.!! :? :? :? :cry :cry :cry :x :? :? :eek :? :? :? :? :upset :upset :? :x :( :( :?

if you have anymore questions you can go ahead and write back i will answer

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