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bought phone Oct 19,2009. tried to add minutes, couldn't.

had to call for them to add minutes and went through long process. next time to add minutes, couldn't. called again and had to go through long process again. did this everytime to add minutes.

Since day one, got phone calls from companies all over US. complained about this. NEVER did Tracfone want to exchange or replace phone (knew there was a problem). Turns out, Tracfone sells refurbished phones.

information from OLD service was never cleared. so tracfone was never registered under my name even when i "supposedly" registered it when i bought it (tracfone can't change information). so after 3 months, or after warrenty, tracfone supposedly disconnects phone. well, i was still able to use it but kept having to call in for minutes to be added.

supposedly, they even sent me a NEW phone. it went to OLD registered user, who tracfone had listed, because I never got phone even though they kept saying I did. They even told me that they could see that my minutes had been transferred to another phone. keep in mind, i am still using phone.

After 5 months, I had HAD ENOUGH OF TRACFONE !!!! After NUMEROUS calls and e-mails SINCE DAY ONE, they disconnect my phone. Now they won't give me a refund AFTER I FAX THEM A COPY OF THE RECIEPT that has the serial number of phone on the reciept. I have also lost the minutes that were on the phone.

And NOW, ALL OF A SUDDEN, they CAN replace the phone, that I asked them to do 3 months ago when still under warrenty. I told them to send me the dang phone. It is the least I can get out of them. I have a sledge hammer waiting to smash the junk when it shows up because I will NEVER USE OR TRUST Tracfone again !!!!

Has ANYONE ever contacted tracfone and talked to someone you can ACTUALLY understand ??? Spread the word to NEVER use or deal with tracfone EVER !!!

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Kaunakakai, Hawaii, United States #206129

I really like the tracfone service. In fact i have been with tracfone ever since i can remember.

My entire family uses tracfone so i guess you could call us a tracfone family. Any who, tracfone is a great service very reliable and nothing like what this guy said.

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