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TracFone just swindled me out of $50. I bought a tracfone for $9.99 at Staples and purchased minutes online.

One day later my phone is not usable because the SIMs card is blocked. I called TracFone tech support. I waited over 20 minutes to speak with someone. I could barely hear the rep.

d/t such a poor connection (that is a clue to the type of phone co.). The rep told me they would have to mail out a new SIMs card and it would take 5-7 days. I felt that was unacceptable as I bought this phone for my daughter to have for safety and want her to have it now not 5-7 days from now. I requested it be sent overnight but that was not the companies practice.

When I got zero help from the rep. I asked to speak to her boss. I did not get any help from her either. I requested the charge I made for the minutes be credited back to my credit card and was told this cannot be done.

I am going to dispute the charge on my credit card and never use this phone or TracFone again. What a scam and what poor customer service. If a company stood behind there products they would refund service charges to a dissatisfied customer. I just ordered a phone from Verizon and guess what?

I will have a new phone in less than 2 days (not 5-7). That is what I call service.

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