Awful funny can't get anywhere with your company on harrassing solicitating phone calls since November of 2009 NOONE here has ever had tracfone at this number STOP calling or I will call FCC on your company Do you understand ENGLISH !! It makes me wonder if your 9700 NW 112 Ave Miami, Fl 33178 address is ligit WHY hasn't this problem been taking care of considering I've done the do not call and also spoke to associates telling them to remove my number What is your problem are you that hard up for cusomers that you harrass them with calls

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Tracfpne is really only good is you RARELY use your phone. Tracfpne is great as a secondary, emergency phone o keep in your car and to have should your primary phone get lost.

The unlimited fifty dollar prepaid plan from tMobile is cheaper in the long run. tea fine really is a service for people who are so poor they cannot afford even MetroPCS.

All of the complaints I have seen here about tracFone are ridiculous because TracFone is adequate as a cheap phone service with cheap phones. I have had a tracFone as an emergency phone for five years, and never encountered the difficulty you morons have had.


The Tracfone losers texted me again about an hour ago. Between their dismal customer service track record and their annoying texts and email barrage...

Hmmm.. Why the *** did I ever buy a Tracfone. I guess I'm as dumb as the rest of their customers. That company is basically useless and they've earned my enduring disgust.

Think twice before dealing with them... then think again!


You are right! I've sent numerous emails demanding that Tracfone cease marketing to my phone and email accounts.

So far they have ignored them. Calls to customer service yield an agent from some non English speaking third world country who are absolutely useless. Requesting a supervisor yields yet another gibberish speaking foreigner. I'll continue badmouthing them until they finally get it and stop marketing me.

In the past they screwed me out of 200 minutes airtime and 20 minutes of time trying to understand their agent. All I can suggest is that prospective customers find a company USA based whose service agents speak the same language as their customers!

Avoid Tracfone! javascript:ac_smilie(':(')

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