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Because I'm a senior and most of my social security check goes straight to Medicare payments, I'm poor now. And because of that TracFone believes that we do not deserve technologically current cellphones (Android).

Yet, we *must* make a call, emergency or not, every month even tho no one can hear what I'm saying, calling for help to 911 does not connect me with the local police, and dialing 411 puts me straight into a series of adverts before dumped into a list of irrelevant call choices that the *** robot could not understand. Vetriniarian Hospitals is not Aunt Mary's Hot Spells , Right ? I have a re-furbed Alcatel DumbPhone which cannot receive minutes over the air. Every month I go to the site, enter special characters to enter special codes, if accepted, I enter 26 numbers to receive my minutes.

But now, TracFone has eliminated even that modicum of respectable seld-service,tech support, forcing us to call "customer service" for what will now take hours vs. minutes. Chat had no idea how to accomplish this task, so tonight I walked them thru it. Every year Tracfone has eliminated another service or phone choice.

Customer service gets worse, not better, hold times increase and no one knows knows how to do their job. It is painfully obvious, especially, that Tracfone no longer wants the senior nor low income crowd on their roster, they keep us in a back room , bare bones, dangling service only because of Federal Funding which I understand is *significant*.

I'd rather pay a small monthly fee to another service and eat less then continue to be treated like this.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Let me continue to program my phone, stop forcing us to call customer service which takes too long to get absolutely nothing accomplished. Other providers have programs providing Android phones for low income users, only TracFone will not allow it.

I didn't like: Tracfone customer service, Care less about my loyal years of service, Snail like customer systems, Inability to reach tech support, Inept customer service agents.

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It seems that Tracfone cannot provide the most basic of customer current experience may be phone with 2100 minutes and almost 300 remaining days has been mysteriously "deactivated" for at least the past 10 days...calling attempts do not go through, and minutes are charged....hours spent on a landline last week and Internet chat have been worse than useless..BTW there is no evidence of mechanical issues with the phone or network access...

to Anonymous #1116375

Hi. I’m Alex from TracFone Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to


Hi. I’m Alex from TracFone Wireless.

We're sorry for the trouble. To resolve the problem, please send us an email with your account information to

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